[TV Series Discussion] Favorite, current and recommended?

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    information [TV Series Discussion] Favorite, current and recommended?

    [TV Series Discussion] Favorite, current and recommended?
    Strange that no one actually wants to discuss about TV series in general.. :/ Couldn't find a thread which could match the whole idea either..

    Just finished watching The Grimm and oh boy.. Why it's so underated, I've got no clue.. If I had to compare it to something, my choice would be it, instead of The Walking Dead* (just an example).

    *Just coz I was hyped to see The Walking Dead, but when I actually saw it, I've got disappointed, like a lot.. Came for Zombies and action packed TV series, but got betrayal bullshit with shit tons of drama. No drama - shitty episode, zombies - 404 not found. Not hating, just saying my opinion.

    Others on my list are:

    Game of Thrones - because pff... this one is obvious one. Although I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, because I thought it as a trendy nonsense, but OMG how dumb I was.. Started to watch it after 6th season finished and completed it within couple weeks, minimum 6 episodes a day.
    The Flash - Started it just to remember nostalgic childhood feeling and staying till the end.
    Sleepy Hollow - Up to 2nd Season's end - it was very interesting to watch, not super amusing, but interesting. Sadly, on the 3rd season have to force myself to watch it.
    Dracula - A supernatural being trying to conquer the world through economy.
    Supernatural - Watching this just to see the ending and of course of the casual demon-killing and ghost-hunting action.
    Kind of a on-hold:

    Penny Dreadful - got a little bit too dark and too deep and stopped at the 3rd season's 2nd episode.
    The Magicians - Who wouldn't want to watch a powerless, emotional Harry Potter in a Hogwarts type of college full of sex orgies, alcohol, drugs and very very shitty magic effects. Have I said sex already? But stopped on 2nd season, watching it ONLY if there is literally nothing to watch.
    The Arrow - Because monotonous action started to indulge puking for me. Same thing, over and over and over again. And I am not talking about plot, but action.
    Into the Badlands - Couldn't get hooked onto this fake Bruce Lee.
    American Horror Story - Kind of a on and off, don't have an explanation why it's like that, but this show is really something unique.
    iZombie - at first I liked it, but then stopped watching it, nothing serious, just a bit of difference in these dramas and super hero world. Maybe I will come back to it.
    Ash vs Evil Dead - Finished 1st season, but 2nd season wasn't fully released at that time (haven't checked it yet), so I simply couldn't wait for it..
    Agent S.H.I.E.L.D. - Another type of Arrow show, but with a bit more realistic action, but sadly, same stuff.
    Wayward Pines - Can't spoil it, but 1st season ending and the most (probably) 2nd season is just stupid.
    Damien - I expected more out of this, but the whole "unacceptance" looked a bit too unreal, won't even start on it.
    12 Monkeys - a bit too much Matrix look-a-like.
    Beauty and The Beast - Been watching full 1st and 2nd seasons, but then stopped, wasn't very memorable, but the Actress is quite cute.

    Want to watch:
    Vikings - still holding myself to wait for a bit more as I know it will be with GoT..
    The Pacific - war theme always intrigued me.
    Sons of Anarchy - not need to even expand why.
    Super Girl - because I like superman, hopefully it won't be too girly.

    Da Vinci's Demons - been on my watchlist for quite a while, but still haven't started it.
    Empire - I heard it's quite good, how good, will need to find out.
    Some other worth mentions (Why I say "worth" is because of the "easyness" to finish them) would be: Hemlock's Groove, Park Avenue 666, American Crime Story, Emerald City.

    Finished / Unfinished:
    Prison Break ; Doctor House ; Dexter ; Bones ; Mentalist ; 24 Hours ; The Unit ; Star Gate ; Forever (really liked this one, sadly just 1 season :( ) ; Limitless ; CSI (God knows how many of these I've seen...) ; Angel ; Buffy (Some old schools coming to my mind) ; Constantine ; Second Chance ; Outcast ; X-Files ; The Strain

    There is actually so much more, but then it would be at least 1/4 of the whole IMDB list from 1995-2017 lol

    What are you currently watching TV series? Favorite ones? What would you recommend?
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