[Read Me] Battle of the Immortals section rules | Updated 30.05.17

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    [Read Me] Battle of the Immortals section rules | Updated 30.05.17

    Please note that these are subject to change without prior notice, you're responsible to keep yourself updated regarding, unless you want to end up being infraction banned.

    Please also note that the RaGEZONE forum rules still applies in this section, you'll find those here: Forum Rules - RaGEZONE forums

    1. Do NOT advertise in this section. There's a advertisement section used for that, and all post related to this subject should and must be placed there. You should also know that it's prohibited advertising your server in your signature. You could however, link to the advertisement thread. Advertisement section: Private Servers - MMO Zone - RaGEZONE forums

    2. Do not double post. If you have any valid/additional information to add, please feel free to use the edit function and include the information you left out.

    3. Necro-posting is allowed as long as the post content is valuable to the thread in question. Any unnecessary necro-spam will be deleted and infractions will be given out. (30-05-2017)

    4. Constructive criticism is fully allowed, but to a certain extent. Flame wars, insults and troll posts will not be tolerated and will result in immediate infraction.

    5. Any showcase threads and/or development threads can be posted in the development section. Please however, use the following tags: [Dev] / [Showcase]. A development thread is something shared to the community, which in the end of the development process/phase will be released. Showcase however, is a personal project you'd like to show to the rest of the community. ( You'll find the full list of tags below. )

    6. Releases without proper credit will be considered as a violation of the rules. Please provide credit to the respective owners. This rules also applies when re-creating threads or re-uploaded releases etc. In fact, this ALWAYS applies.

    7. Refrain from posting warez/cracks/bots/hacks. This is prohibited.

    8. This is a English forum, and all communication in public on this board should be written in English. If you're unable to speak English, use a translator and provide the translated text in your post.

    9. You're under no circumstances allowed to sell server files/services at this section. RaGEZONE was created to provide a sharing network for free, not for money. If you're however hiring staff, please use the recruitment section. Recruitment section: Team Recruitment - MMORPG Extra - RaGEZONE forums

    10. Please also refrain from going off topic to the original thread. Going off topic and spamming will be considered as a rule violation.

    11. Releases without active links will be deleted, so keep your download links working. Also, make sure you have some information regarding the product you're releasing, and if possible screenshots etc. ( Include a list of what the release contains. Such as content, code, functions, features and so on. )

    Here's the full TAG list which can be used and should be used to describe the content of your thread(s).
    • [Share] Topic Name – If you wish to contribute your set of server files or other programs. (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    • [Guide] Topic Name – Any guides and/or tutorials published by you should contain this tag. (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    • [Help] Topic Name – If you're by any means stuck or simply need help with something regarding BOI development, include this tag. (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    • [Tool] Topic Name – If you wish to share a tool that you found or personally made (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    • [Question] Topic Name - I you like to ask some questions. The question can be anything related to BOI development. Be aware of the difference in use of the [Help] & [Question] tag, this tag should be used for questions only. (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    • [Info] Topic Name - If you wish to share some info, news, or anything related to Battle of the Immortals Server Development.

    • [Dev] Topic Name - If you're currently developing on a project that you in the end of the development process want to publish and release to this community. (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    • [Showcase] Topic Name - If you wish to showcase/show off some of your BOI development related work, use this tag. If you're using the showcase tag you're not obligated to release the finished product when you're done, but we appreciate if you do. (Refrain from including any personal server links or names).

    Note: Posting instead of reporting will result in a deletion of your post, and may also result in a warning/an infraction.

    Exclusive tip, to make your stay here A LOT easier: The search function is your best friend throughout your stay here in the Battle of the Immortals section. Creating a help thread asking questions that have already been answered many times before is only a waste of time. Doing a proper search however, only takes you a minute or two. As a result of that, you won't have to wait several hours before getting your question answered.

    Another great tip to show appreciation: If you find someones post useful or appreciate someones release/guide/development/thread, instead of posting "thanks" use the like button. This gives the user a better reputation, it awards the contributors and it shows your appreciation to their work. This also keeps the thread shiny,neat and tidy and therefore makes me happy.

    Lastly, please use common sense while posting on this forum. I won't be listing out every obvious rule violation in this thread, so think before you act. If you have any further questions or feel that a moderator needs to be contacted, feel free to contact me using the private message function available for you.

    Thanks for staying up to date on the section rules. It'll be a lot easier and a lot more fun if you managed to follow them as well. In fact, you have to.


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    Re: [Read Me] Battle of the Immortals section rules | Updated 30.05.17

    Friendly bump! We have made amendments to our section rules please see rule number three.

    RaGEZONE Staff.