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    wink Afew things

    Well so far with running 331 as a live sever, i have fixed, most of what you guys are having trouble with, oh and btw hell road is a map out of sync error between client and server, which could be fixed if someone could alter the pwi tool for it, unfortunatly i don't have that much knowledge todo so otherwise i would for sure. i would release these fixes but i know others in this community are holding back on things that could help a server, such as tools, fixed game server for 331 that allows gm spawns and so forth, so i too will not release these fixes, regarding hell road in 331 lycan you will never get it working for the simple fact that s29 exists in client which is hell road, lookl in the precint.clt file and you know it is true, but server side you have no s29 folder, hence no hell road, you can tele there from the client into, but map, control triggers you will not get as the server simply has no hell road in it.
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