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    Re: [Discussion] NewZ and License

    newz before it exists, its owner fuc**d with hacks, after they no licence did everything with DDoS and attacks, even then after they leave they now own everything, unfortunately everything that is good does not last forever.
    only kids.

    once he said "the people more strongest win" so be it.
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    Re: [Discussion] NewZ and License

    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvanas1234 View Post
    Fred Has a full power of taking any emulator, or any facebook related to that server down.
    As long as he pay the part Sergey requires him to, he have the rights to do that.
    You have to accept that

    I have to agree with that. But you know Spook... no matter what we cannot do anything with that.

    It is a same thing as Blizzard vs WoW private servers.
    Blizz don't really care about taking down private servers, but if they want, they will take them down, and people cannot fight them back since Blizzard is still the true owner of the Warcraft IP.

    Thats why alot of people - myself included - kinda left ISS
    I still love to work on random stuff over my studio, testing some new ideas etc, but there is no people to work with.
    3 of the best people i ever knew - that worked on ISS - quit long ago and like 95% of others here?? not worth to be trusted - already learned that as well

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    and you know

    you are still using colorado

    warz maps
    warz meshes

    even warz characters

    also warz weapons

    Lol and you are still asking why the hell he is claiming your videos / pictures xD?
    LOL u'r right :P

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