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    shout Section rules, Please Read

    All rules HERE will also apply in this section. So read these first!

    1. Any kind of Advertisments are not allowed in this section. Want to advertise your Server? Post them in the Infestation / WarZ Servers Section
    2. If you find something that you think is wrong (Wrong Section, harasm, spam, virus or something similar). Report it! Do NOT post anything in it!
    3. If a member is bothering you report him to a moderator!
    4. Do not spam the Help section. You have more than one question? Fine, post it in one thread!
    5. If you're searching team members please go to our Team Recruitment section
    6. No racism, abusive comments, flame, troll. If you do you WILL get an instant infraction. without warning.
    7. Offtopic and fights will get instant deleted and you will (for fights) get an instant infraction.
    8. "thank you" posts are not allowed. Use the like system.
    9. No re-releases if the old link is still online!
    10. No Warez / viruses / hacks / cracks / malicious code allowed.
    11. No double posting or spamming. Posting in such threads will result in getting an infraction.
    12. Do not release personal information of others. Doing so will result in an infraction
    13. No "help me in skype" / "help me in teamviewer". Everybody can help you in a thread. If anybody wants to help you he can by sending a PM with request of teamviewer details. Also no "I send you an PM", "Give me your Skype" etc.
    14. If your question is answered or you fixed your problem post how you answered your question / fixed your problem.
    15. Title tags are required. If you don't have one you'll get an infraction.
    16. Do not use "important", "asap" or something similar in your title. Keep the title as short and descriptive.
    17. Buying and Selling is not allowed.
    18. Posts that don't have an english translation will be deleted and you will receive an infraction.
    19. No full quoting of posts.
    20. You may not mention people just because they should help you. Doing so will result in an infraction.
    21. If a download link is down DO NOT post in there. Report it and let the moderators handle it.
    22. Threads like "Whats the best release?" "Which source is best?" etc. are UNWANTED and get immediately deleted and you will get an infraction for such threads.
    23. Because of recent events every release that contains binaries need to have a virustotal and jotti scan! If you don't have one, your thread gets deleted and, you will receive an infraction! (Binaries such as: EXE, BAT, CMD, REG, DLL, LIB), because bigger *.rar files cannot be scanned every thread must have a SHA256 hash of the file
    24. Helpful feedback: You may not post "this sucks" in release threads. Please describe why you don't like the release and what could be better next time.
    25. Red is a color for Administrators / mods / S-mods / supervisiors / to highlight something. You may not use it for general purposes!
    26. You are REQUIRE to have a proper thread text. Copying just the title is NOT enough.
    27. Developments that have no Update for a Month get deleted
    28. New release must have at least 1 picture and 1 sentence about the release.
    29. Asking for a good VPS provider or forum softwares is strictly forbidden.

    A reminder:
    There will be no support given on extracting other's work (Mainly private servers, official server are allowed!). If this is what you want figure it out yourself. If you create a thread asking for help extracting data from a private server the thread will be immediately closed and you'll receive an infraction! This also goes for releasing the bin files.

    Title tags are as follows:

    Main Section [Discussion] [General]
    Help Section [Help] [Request]
    Tutorial Section [Tutorial] [Fix]
    Release Section [Release] [Partial]
    Development Section [Development] [Research] [Skin-Development]

    Maps -> Development Section vs Release:
    - Maps that are non-public are belonging in Development -> Maps. Maps that are free to download belong in Releases

    Development Threads for private servers are from now on forbidden and get deleted immediately. For this we have the server sections

    Bumping / Pushing rules:
    • Only allowed if the Thread is a release / development / tutorial thread
    • If your own help thread is lacking an answer and is older than 5 days -> bumping allowed
    • You may only create an Help thread every 5 days (assuming your last one doesn't have an answer that is older than 5 days!)

    What is considered as Snippet?
    - Less or equal to 4 search & replaces.
    - Snippets go into the thread "Snippet Exchange"

    What is a tutorial and what is a release?
    - Release is something without search and replaces
    - Tutorial is an explanation of code and something with search and replaces

    Double posting in Show-Off:
    - Double Posting in Show-Off is permitted but only double. Not more than 2 post from the same person / project!

    Off Topic :
    - This is a development section, and meant only for development, if you want to post something off topic, do it in outerworld instead. any off topic will be deleted.

    Every member of this section is required to look into this thread every so often. Moderators have the ability to change the rules at every time!
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