The War Z / Infestation MMO - Guide

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    The War Z / Infestation MMO - Guide

    Hello Everyone,
    On behalf of myself and the other Moderators in this section, I would like to ask a few favors from the users. We are trying to clean the section up the best that we can. Just keep these few guidelines in mind while you are browsing and posting in this section.
    1. Review the Rules -
      Make sure that everything you post or that you plan to post follows the rules. Also, this can help you report any rule violations by other users towards us. There are the Forum Rules, the War Z / Infestation MMO Rules, and finally there are individual section rules. I recommend that you review the forum rules every time you visit the forum, and review the section rules every time you visit a certain section. Also, this can help you make sure you never get an infraction! If you know all the rules, you'll never break the rules by accident! (REMEMBER Forum Rules APPLY EVERYWHERE!)
    2. Use the Report Button! -
      I can't express how much easier it is for us to moderate when users actually report issues and rule violations. It can be as simple as wrong section, bad language or some other violation. Use the report button, it is your friend when it comes to keeping this section clean. If you think it may violate the rules, but you're not sure, report it anyway. It can't hurt to check!
    3. Search before you ask for Help! -
      You should see some of the sections including this one that have a hundred posts asking for help in a release thread when it's already been solved. Yesterday, I saw one thread with over 100 posts asking for help in a release thread, but the crazy part was that majority of the questions being asked had been solved already! The same goes for posting a help thread, if you need to ask for help, follow these quick steps first. Search it, Google it, Post it, and Report it solved! That way before you ask for it, you've already searched twice on two different engines. If you have to post a thread after that, so be it, but report that it has been solved after wards.
    4. Flaming Users -
      There is no need to flame people ever. People are people just like you. Unless you can honestly say that you've never made a mistake, and even then you should never flame or disrespect them. You know for a fact that, at some point, you were in a similar position to them. Being disrespectful towards them will not help the cause at all. They will either start to hate RaGEZONE or start fighting with you. Don't continue an argument, be mature, and let it go.

    Thank you for reading thus far, and thank you for your cooperation! It is greatly appreciated by all the people who moderate this forum.

    Good Luck, Stay Safe, and Have Fun!
    ~ The War Z / Infestation MMO Moderation Team ~
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