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    thumbs down [Release] AFTERLIFE MMO SOURCE CODE

    As I said before, this situation with ISS File Story is very annoying. I did not want to do this, but I will share that source with everyone, so that this asshole does not earn money on someone else's work!
    Forgive me guys who bought this source for money from him, but you are very stupid if you gave him your money for this shit.

    Source features:

    ● TerrainV3/V2
    ● Building System with more than 40 models
    ● AIRDROP System with new airplane
    ● Airdrop with more than 20 random spawn items (5min for the fall)
    ● Skin System with Spray Can's
    ● Mistery Box (Weapon, Melee, Gear Mistery boxes)
    ● Case System
    ● .Scb Protect (Nobody will able to steal you your scb models with this hexadecimal method)
    ● PineTop Map Missions
    ● Spawn Protect System reworked (Spawn protect now has a undefined time unless you move the character to remove it)
    ● Complete Game HUD Reworked
    ● Complete Game Sound Reworked
    ● Crafting System NPC
    ● Missions has been reworked
    ● FrontEnd Notice Banner Slider
    ● Cooking Rack System (Cook food Cans, Meats And Vegetables - Empty Cans after eat the cooked can. 3 Cans (Close, Open, Empty) More Than 27 Food Cans
    ● Water Well System (Fill Empty Water Bottles when you drink any water bottle)
    ● Basic Taunts with sounds typing '/taunt' or '/help' in the chat to see the commands.
    ● Complete New Brand Items (Gears (Hats, Scarf, Mask), Armor, Skins, Character Skins, Food, Water & Medicaments, Backpacks, Weapons, Survival Items, New Grenades, New Building Items.
    ● Change Character Name at the top of the frontend above the Build Version " " text
    ● Change Build Version; in the files am_english.lang - am_spanish.lang, Look for "$FR_BVersion=Build Version:" at the document start, in Source code place with "g_nProjectVersionMajor"
    ● Rent Your Favorite Map For GC in "Rent Servers Tab"
    ● Change Player Outfit (+ Hair Outfit, + Shoes Outfit)
    ● Deathmatch Mode (Non-Drop Items)
    ● Survival Mode (default warz mode)
    ● 6 Maps, 2 Pvp Maps from Burstfire(READY TO USE), 2 Maps from ShatteredSkies(READY TO USE) and Last Mand Standing(UNFINISHED), 2 Maps from AfterMath - PineTop(READY TO USE) and South West(UNFINISHED)
    ● Game Options Updated with Crosshair Settings (Change Type & Color) and Game Optimisation( Increase FPS, Enable or Disable Grass)
    ● 8 MarketPlace Tab (Sections)
    ● Character Rotation to 360 Grade In The FrontEnd
    ● Compass Game HUD
    ● Move All items Btn ( for move all the Backpack items to Global Vault in the frontend)
    ● DropAll Context Menu Option to Drop all the items amount
    ● Dust effect when drop a item
    ● Tutorial For Beginner Members Added (The Tutorial will be removed from the game after login 5 times ingame)
    ● MarketPlace Tutorial Added (The Tutorial will be removed from the game after login 5 times ingame)
    ● Player / Zombie Threat reworked
    ● Player Conditions Alert (Cold, Fire, bleed, In SafeZone, In RadioActive Zone, Infected, Helmet Armor (%), Vest Armor (%)(Is still bugged)
    ● New QuickSlots, Old = 6 Now is = 8 with Primary Weapon and Secondary Weapon Slot ( 2 New Quick Action Slot ) including (Helmet, Mask and Scarf Slots)
    ● HUD Pause Reworked and adjusted, Added Player Money Balance, Time, Server location, Map Legend and More Zoom Enable, Mission and Call for help, Crosshair Type & Color)
    ● RadioActive Zone, Can't Jump while the player are in the radzone
    ● Bullet Amount and Reloading Circle HUD
    ● Reloading Player Random Voice
    ● Health, Food, Water, Toxity Percent
    ● 3 Characters = 3 Diferent Voice
    ● 3 Type of ShowMessage (1: when item add show the name of the items and amount of it, 2: when gain XP, 3: When gain GD)
    ● Show/Hide Chat with F5 or Enter Key
    ● Change Backpack with right click ( Windows for change backpack was deleted ) the old warz changebackpack HUD was deleted
    ● In Battle (You will need to wait 10 seconds to exit from the battle to go to the FrontEnd)
    ● Chat Sound when you receive a message
    ● Store, Repair Bench, Vault, Seller(With Random Human Voice Dialog), Crafting NPC Sound
    ● Seller NPC, You can sell all the items in the SQL with GD, GC Items do not allow to sell
    ● Character Hair Bug when you use any Helmet item is FIXED! the hair is hide when you equip any Helmet category
    ● PLAYER AURAS: SafeZone - Blue Aura, Zombie Repellent - Purple Aura, Spawn Protect - Yellow Aura
    ● ITEMDB.XML Now you can found your item more fast, all the xml structure is organized with all the items category with comments to find the item more easily (never confuse yourself when you want to look for something)
    ● Ladders System ( You can climb a house with ladders with the new function - The Settings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7C_6fYrJJI )
    ● Game Light Has Been Modify
    ● Game Sky Domes Textures
    ● Random GD & XP when kill the Zombies
    ● Night Vision Armor
    ● The Zombies Now are more agresives and faster ( Improve in the navigation System )
    ● 16 New Grass Type Added (Most of those make the game crash - be careful) we use the READY TO USE grass
    ● SSAO Adjusted
    ● Launcher Update Threads Increased (Now download the game and get the updates more faster, like never before)
    ● Woundes System Finished and Implemented (But to use this function you will get out the player death stats (Money Gained, Zombie Killed & Kill Streaks))
    ● Kill Streak in HUD when kill other players
    ● Player Health Bar (You will be able to see the enemy life percent)
    ● New Clan Icons
    ● Marketplace Item Stats (Weapon Stats, Health, Food, Water, Toxity, Energy, Backpack slots & max weight, Armor protection, Attachment Stats,
    ● 62+ Building (Construction/Creation) Items READY TO USE
    ● Barricades: All The ShatteredSkies and AfterMath Barricades with all the destruction particles has been Added
    ● Barricade with Damage
    ● Traps: Permanent Trap Damage, Active Trap Damage
    ● Campfire with Sound and damage proximity
    ● 2 Type of Random Boxes ingame ( 1: get random items from specify boxes, 2: get a group amount of items of (5-6) to start getting items )
    ● AirHorn Item
    ● Garden System reworked with new interactive Garden Models - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVz9vh_DnFY
    ● Global Map KillFeed (KillFeed Message at the left HUD showing who was Killed by who ex: username1 "grenade/wpn/melee etc icon" username2)
    ● PickUp Animation never fineshed but you can use to test it
    ● Item Drop HighLight Color: Diferent Colors for each category (ex; Weapon Cat = White, Resource Cat = Gold, Gear Cat = Green, Food&Water Cat = Red and etc) - https://youtu.be/EPNxH3rRlnw?t=54s
    ● Air Filter Mask for RadioActive Zones - https://youtu.be/Bg3dZQ4bidY?t=25s
    ● AirDrone with new model, FX Sound, Explosion Particles, HUD and Control Mesh (the control object mesh need be rotated)
    ● Particle file format was changed from prt to pt2
    ● The Game Language was decreased to 2 Languages
    ● 85+ BluePrints for Crafting READY TO USE
    ● 98+ Spray Cans (Weapon Skin Sprays)
    ● Player Active Random Sound/Voice in different situations
    ● The Armor 3D Model Object they are not visible
    ● 10 Vehicles all of this are fixed (Light System (Car now turn on a model with illumination material), Claxon, 3 Type of camera, Wheel fixed, Velocity bug for physx fixed
    ● You can disable or enable PVE or PVP mode from server *.cfg file
    ● You can disable or enable GRASS from server MasterServer.cfg file and Client Option
    ● You can disable Snippers and ASR weapon on server on MasterServer.cfg
    ● You can disable all weapon on one map with DisableWPN on MasterServer.cfg
    ● Door system
    ● Building system (Now you can create your own bases with AfterMath and ShatteredSkies 3D Objects)
    ● Fire Particles Simulation now give damage
    ● When Die the death HUD show who kill you and which weapon the killer used, how many GD and XP you gained since you was alive, HP of you killer
    ● 6 Notices each 15min in MasterServer.cfg
    ● GameServer.exe display fonts color for crash(red) and online(green) server also the server show the name of the logs
    ● Drop Arrow after fire the bow
    ● Team Map editing with dropbox or GoogleDrive READY TO USE, just make a folder called dropbox inside the data/level folder
    ● 2 Car Item Spawn
    ● Backpack/Weapons must now show invisible if are in vehicle (Original WarZ BUG = FIXED)
    ● Swimg now in TPS & FPS Mode
    ● Dropped loot time is more than 30min in the floor
    ● New Random Models of LootBox in the map
    ● Run / Jump Decrease the Stamina bar

    === DEV COMMANDS ===
    ● /tools = give GM player a kit set
    ● /ammo = current weapon ammo
    ● /kill (playername)
    ● /zkill (100) - area range
    ● /airdrop = airdrop map spawn
    ● /god = enable or disable god mode
    ● /hide = hide your character name from the ScoreBar
    ● /resetmd = reset mission
    ● /vspawn = vehicle spawn from 1 to 10
    ● /zspawn = zombie spawn + amount
    ● /szspawn = super zombie spawn
    ● /ttp = teleport to player
    ● /ban = ban player
    ● /kick = kick player
    ● /sv = survivor life 100 hp 100 water 100 food 0 toxity
    ● /gi (itemid) (amount)

    ● And Much More Powerful Features InGame

    Download link:
    PHP Code:
    No Support!

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuietCode View Post
    nothing good in this! it's very sad that such things happen.

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    bombilo said goodbye to earnings.

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    sorry for asking, but can someone explain me what the fuck happened? Bombillo always seemed to be a nice guy
    I am willing to sell some of my files related to weapon, textures, animations and more.
    Contact me here

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    WOW! Look at all the lechers come out of the wood works. Its amazing!!

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    Makes me sad..Bombillo was one hell of a coder..he shouldn't let other peoples shit get to him..

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    i feel like it's ending scene?