[RELEASE] LoL Are you serious now?

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    [RELEASE] LoL Are you serious now?

    Since i quit WarZ for some time for working over a different project, i don't really spent that much time working around stuff i enjoyed in a past.I have alot of wierd and custom files made and i decided to share some of them to you, not all, just a really tiny lil piece of them, some of them are finished, some of them are not, and probably won't even be.
    The pack includes

    MAC-10 smg -> almost fully animated, missing some walk animations

    Minigun -> missing walking and aiming animations, shoting it non-stop might destroy your fps

    L85A2 rifle .w custom ironsights - whats else to say?

    My old crappy animated Kriss Vector from Burstfire

    And my magnum opus for which i should force you to draw me a nice rule34 of warz zombiesbut whatever
    Shattered Skies old AK-12 - fully animated

    Download Here
    Password : right here -> https://pastebin.com/wpV8LGj4
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    You need someone for textures and animations but aswell someone with almost no knowledge of codding because he just don't give a sh*t about it?

    Well you found a right person!