Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

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    talk Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    There is not much to no private-servers in existence for Tera atm. Would much like change in that.

    To set-up a server, exactly what is needed? Here is I've gathered so far and there may be some that are missing.

    1. A MySQL/Postgre
    2. Microsoft.Net
    3. A client of the game
    4. Wireshark
    5. C++/Visual Studio
    6. Hexidecimal editor
    7. Console/command

    8. Unreal Engine 3
    9. Blender/Maya 3D application
    10. GPK packer/Unpacker
    11. Photoshop/Open Canvas
    12.Motion-Detection/Animator Application
    13. Audio/Movie converter
    14. Launcher App

    But what are the uses/needs of these tools for? SQL is database host for accounts and such. I am most interested in the Korean client as is what have. Besides the language and some slight variations the coding should be almost or nearly the same. Eventually I want to add custom commands to client as well as some modifications. This seems to be a fun project to experiment with, but where does one exactly start? What is first needed to get the official client of a tera region to run?

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    Re: Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    you cant use the korean client... with our current launcher cause its the unpacked launcher file from the EU/NA(tl.exe) and they are not the same with korean(exlauncher.exe)
    the clients should be comaptible together when you take the same client version.. but have fun to find the 1725 revision of the korean version now.. after 4 years..!!!

    You need:
    this one are needed!
    1. SQL database.. (MYSQL) for you account/char data etc...
    2. Net framework installed (4.5 for best compatiblity with the current server source)
    3. client for now only (1725 EU/NA or your own Korean 1725 but you need own launcher then !!!)

    this one are only for server development:
    4. Wireshark you only need when you sniff Packets for updating the server Packets(dont needed if you only want to play on server!)
    5. Visual Studio for compiling the server source code
    6. Hex Editor only needed for updating analyzing packets! (cause they changed on newer clients)
    7. Console/command not needed/used till now!!!

    8. UE 3 Engine knowledge (someway informative on programming server source only)
    9. Adding MOB/NPC Models/textures (later ).. for now useless no way to repack them back...
    10. GPK/Pack Unpacker... (UTHelper/UeViewer) from Gildor wokrs with tera gpk´s we can unpack model textures or modify Equip Textures and repack them back but not all possible some do errors on repacking
    (as i read seems some problem with the texture bitmask or something like that)
    11. same as 9/10
    12. same as before.. UeViewer or there is some Tera Audio Unpacker but old and Gildors UEViewer is in soem way better as i think

    9-13 are optional.. this are things we cant do right cause we dont have the right tools or only half working tools unpack but no repack...
    but this are not needed for now at the old 1725 we cant implement new mobs items or else... we could repack items textures etc back ..
    but we have the problem ..we need to unpack/pack the datacenter files and add the new items mobs ids there..!!!
    so.. not possible to add new things before we can rebuild the datacenter files from client!

    14. Launcher App
    (for now own Launcher Gui (C#) > send connection string to unpacked (tl.exe, our ctgame.clf) > sends start string Tera.exe and runs game... )

    so if you want to run the server you only need apache/mysql some webserver with sql database..

    every other tool only need for development..
    cause.. data tools dont bring you much cant add new items mounts and else to the 1725 client...!! you can add them to the server data\bin files...
    but we have this problem from before... missing data at client side... datacenter file!
    without this the client doesnt find the item texures icons and always will get corrupted items in game or no icon or other effect/image/text problems

    custom commands you can add for yourself at source/admin commands

    but all other custom modifications for now are not really possible to the old client and without working packer/unpacker client tools!

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    Re: Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    Hi P5yl0, thanks for the informative response!
    For now it looks like majority tools (SQL, Net, Client) are the universal start for a PS. Editing the .exe launcher or creating a new one shouldn't be too difficult. I am curious about the wireshark though, it is simple as allowing it to run while logged onto official client? Then analyzing it later with a hex-editor, or another app?

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    Re: Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    the problem with the launcher is...
    the tera.exe (game file) is packed with themida/winlicense 2 .. im not very good in debuggee^^ so i cant do that for now..

    Wireshark not needed anymore i got some effectiver way.. ^^ done some edits to the "tera packet watcher" from some guy on github..
    this tool views the in/outgoing packets..
    with some little edits you can log the data and you are more effectiver thann wireshark..

    cause our PackeViewer we got only could view packets as .hex so we had to sniff first from game start till the sequence we want to add to sniff...
    save everything as wireshark hex file than open vieth the viewer.. and now fun.. find out which packet was send/received to which time... .
    very very confusing this way...

    but for now the new packet watche is very usefull.. ^^
    run watcher, run game.. start doing fun..^^
    view log file... tada... last input data should be your current data..
    else.. take a look at the watcher while you do something ingame... this way you see unknown packet.. 0xA123 blablabla anbd you know where to look in log ^^

    and to our lunahcer problem i wanted to generate a wn one to get this servelist char limitation away
    and to be more free in configuration for the launcher than this short command parameter string what whe have...

    problem is the tera.exe packed theminda...
    tera-launcher.exe zipped with a password.. (this would be end all our problems so far)^^
    the problem with wireshark sniff launcher start its not bringing you much ..
    cause the launcher is some..integrated Web host server tool with launcher and else .. all integrated
    you can sniff there your data but its somehow crap not usefull
    in the launcher you only get the start parameters like usernamem pass .. etc... > gets send to client\tl.exe
    tl.exe sends real start parameter to our tera.exe
    so i think we could get more info from this tl.exe file...
    there should be some way to get some command string..

    but for now again we had good luck..
    yersterday was on official update... old 2405 opcodes are compatible..
    the work can go on ..^^

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    Re: Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    i know this is old But Where do i get this program called UThelper for Tera
    and i dont know why its so heard to find any Mods for Tera and i cant find UThelper any where
    Naked Sexy Lion

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    Re: Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    have fun

    Gildor´´´ s UEViewer...
    UE Viewer | Gildor's Homepage

    and here is .. modified just for TERA,
    UTHelper1.3 (maybe theres a newer Version, bt its the only 1 i found in short time)!kl5BkTrQ!uRRhGKPRJ...wYXBb2bX9UI52Q

    for a Guide or more information about UTHelper search in the forum at Undertow Club ;)

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    Re: Tools for Tera. Tools for Server.

    nice job