【Section Rules & General Info】

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    Exclamation 【Section Rules & General Info】

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    This section is under the RaGEZONE Forum Rules, however, we have specific rules that we require you to read, please read the rules below:

    Posting threads

    1. include a warning in the title or at the top of the thread if it contains sexist, etc content
    2. you may not use one post for each joke in your thread
    3. do not undo anything done by a mod
    4. unless you have proper ground to do so, do not question a mods decision

    Reposts policy
    1. We will keep it open if there are enough people who have not seen/heard it before.
    2. If the last time it was posted was more than 6 months ago, we will not close it.
    3. If Ionic says its a repost, then it is ^^
    4. All other forum rules apply
      so basically if it passes through our filter (above) then it will stay open :D
      and lastly...

    this is the humor section, so have fun :icon6:

    Reply policy

    This is not Spamzilla! If you find a joke funny by all means reply, however please remember to post more than 1 or 2 words. I lol'd, lmfao, do not count! Posting less than a sentence will be treated like spam.

    To make it easier for us to moderate the content in this section, please use prefixes on all new threads accordingly in the thread title:
    • [text] for text jokes
    • [picture] for pictures
    • [video] for video's (EX: YouTube, Google Video, Flash Stuff)

    You will be infracted if you do not use tags
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    Re: [Rules and General Info]

    Bumping so you all reread the rules. As of today Infractions will be handed out for misuse of tags.

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    Re: [Rules and General Info]


    I've edited the system therefore you no longer need to add the tags to the header. Simply add the prefixes via the new post system as indicated above.

    Madison Fan Club Member : #1 . Thank you <3