Are Orange Games Porting Habbo to Phaser?

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    Are Orange Games Porting Habbo to Phaser?

    I was reading up on javascript webworkers and best practices for using them for rendering in canvas when I stumbled upon a github repo from.. you guessed it, Orange Games.

    Browsing through their public repositories there's no doubt that these guys love Phaser and are using it for their games. Some of their readme's even reveal in what context they use these Phaser plugins within office.

    From my quick look it also seems like they didn't do much Phaser stuff for about a year. However, exactly at the time of the announcement that Orange Games will be purchasing Sulake they suddenly started working actively on it again and have ever since. Coincidence?

    Last but not least. I seem to recall that from as far back as I can remember Sulake has always stated that they would not be replacing the flash client or something along those lines. I especially remember Macklebee saying that "flash will stay" at his farewell party.

    Now however, after the announcement of Orange Games stepping in, a company with lots of experience with the most popular HTML5 game engine, they suddenly say that Habbo will get a new client for the desktop platform once flash goes away.

    What's your thoughts? Perhaps they allowed Orange Games to purchase stocks in return for porting the game to Phaser?

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    Re: Are Orange Games Porting Habbo to Phaser?

    Thats offloading to browser threads, which for pathfinding and a lot of other logic is exactly what you won't want. (Its why fly hacks were possible in minecraft because it was all done client side) Cant read.

    Its not a secret that Habbo has to be changed to some other technology as Flash will be dead eventually (possibly within a year or two).

    I just hope they dont fuck up too much of the game logic so I can easily modify Arcturus to run with the new client.
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