Need help with starting KMS v1.220 on Windows 10

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    Need help with starting KMS v1.220 on Windows 10


    as the title already says, I'm currently in need for some help to start the KMS Client v1.220.
    I'm currently running Windows 10 Home - 64bit Build 15063 and I have an Intel i5-4460S.

    I've set my system locale to Korean and changed the compability to Windows 7. Whenever I try to run the bat file to start it, it shows me a white screen and the MapleStory cursor but then it freezes my computer completely and results in crashing it.

    After the crash I'm unable to restart my computer because the crash somehow corrupts my windows files and the only way to get my computer to start again is to reinstall windows.

    The bat file to start it contains the following: @Echo off
    Start MapleStory.exe <server ip> <server port>
    (Obviously server ip and server port are replaced with the correct information)

    I've also tried to start it on a Windows 7 VM but there it says that it can't start it due to it being a VM. Can anyone help me to prevent it from literally killing my computer?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards