[Discussion]Question about TESO

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    [Discussion]Question about TESO

    Hey everyone, got tired of playing WoW and want to try a new MMO. Huge fan of Morrowind so I wanna get into TESO but... is it any good? I haven't seen any private servers popping up so either it's that bad or so good people stick to retail.
    I'm staring at a few nice deals on Kinguin for the versions with some DLC bundled in but I don't want to spend cash before I get some info. Cheers!

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    re: [Discussion]Question about TESO

    The only server files came out for BETA and were DMCA'd. The client is huge so nobody really bothered. The game is OK. Nothing spectacular and nothing terrible. WoW burnout is normal but you will probably find you go back to it. I would pick a MoBA or Card Game instead to pass the time. Then you will miss WoW in a few months and go back fresh to the MMO.

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    re: [Discussion]Question about TESO

    Why play a generic MMORPG just because of the brand? There are better MMORPG that offers better game play and end game.

    Example: Black Desert Online

    Yes, the background story of the game is not on par with ESO, but if you really wanna enjoy a better modern MMORPG. Then I would recommend going for Black Desert Online.

    Even if you are an "RPG" player, BDO offers a tons of aspects of these taste in an MMORPG.

    Trust me, Play BDO.