[Discussion] Rocket League anyone?

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    [Discussion] Rocket League anyone?

    As the thread title says, does anyone play Rocket League?

    As I've never owned any consoles beside good ole "SEGA", i have always been unco af with a controller, but few weeks back I have been introduced to Rocket League. A game that actually requires a controller and as much as me being a keyboard warrior, the game is pretty unplayable on the keyboard, so I had to get an xbox controller.

    Been kinda liking the game. Much different change from swarm of hackers on CSGO. Still learning Aerials and wallshots, but will get there eventually.

    Anyone else has any experience with Rocket League, or perhaps you have a cool car design to show?

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    Re: [Discussion] Rocket League anyone?

    Experience, yes. I have played Rocket League for 421 hours. It's an awesome game, especially if you have friends to play with.
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