[discussion]Shroud of the Avatar - FREE TRIAL

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    [discussion]Shroud of the Avatar - FREE TRIAL


    I know these is an article about this game on Ragezone's front page, but since most people go straight to the forums, I humbly inform, for those who are unaware, that Shroud of the Avatar is now open for a FREE TRIAL!

    Portalarium is Sir Richard Garriott's development team - the man who has been in space and purchased a bit of the Moon, the mastermind behind the Ultima series from I - IX, along with Ultima Online and several spin-offs of the Avatar/Ultima multiverse which some of us grew up playing since the 80s.

    If you want to see gameplay videos, feel free to check the game's Youtube channel HERE

    I am currently installing the game client, so, have fun!

    My regards!
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