Gaming Hotspot Rules [Updated 30/08/2016]

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    shout Gaming Hotspot Rules [Updated 30/08/2016]

    Gaming Hotspot Section Rules

    Before posting please take your time to read the specific rules for this section, these rules are designed to keep the gaming hotspot section clear from spam or irrelevant posts.

    • All posts should be made in English, any non-English post will be deleted and infracted.

    • When you post about a game, you must provide a little bit of information about this game and some pictures.

    • We do not allow gaming hacks/bots or any kind of 3rd party software in the Gaming Hotspot section.

    • Please refrain from posting comments like: Nice, Cool game, I never seen this before
      in that case you can use the like-button to support the OP instead of making a non-constructive post like that.
    • Gaming give-aways are allowed in this section but any communication should be done through the forums.

    • Refrain from necro'ing threads, any thread that did not have a new post for longer than 6 months will be considerd as a necro-thread, any posts without a specific value will be instantly deleted.

    • Advertising any game related content/website or service is not allowed.

    • Tips and tricks for games are allowed to have theyre own thread and tag, as example:

    [CS:GO] - How to bunny-hop.
    [LoL] - League of Legends strategies.
    [GW 2] - The perfect druid build.

    • You can show off your skills in a certain game in your own thread, if it complies with the section & general rules.
    • Each thread must have a tag for the console that it is referring to, the current tags that can be used are:

    Please be aware that the General Forum rules still apply and can overrule the section rules if required.
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    Re: Gaming Hotspot Rules [Updated 12/25/09]

    Please be aware that all threads must also follow the General Ragezone Rules posted by MentaL in the announcement section.

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    Re: Gaming Hotspot Rules [Updated 22/04/14]

    Rules updated as of 22/04/14

    New rule added "No short posts such as "Nice","Cool game" this is spam and will be deleted
    New simpler thread tag system.

    The new thread tag system applies to all thread posted on and after 22/04/14
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    Re: Gaming Hotspot Rules [Updated 22/04/14]

    Updated 6 October 2015

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    Re: Gaming Hotspot Rules [Updated 30/08/2016]

    Updated 30 August 2016