[Nintendo DS][Pokémon] Anyone getting Pokémon Ultra Sun or Moon?

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    [Nintendo DS][Pokémon] Anyone getting Pokémon Ultra Sun or Moon? Future is online now
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    [Nintendo DS][Pokémon] Anyone getting Pokémon Ultra Sun or Moon?

    Pre-ordered the new and probably last Pokémon games for the 2DS, 3DS and the "new" versions of them a few days ago. Anyone else?

    Always been a big fan of the series every since I got introduced to Pokemon in Gen 4 (Perl / Diamond). Also did some competitive gaming back then. After a rather lengthy break I decided to get the new 3DS last year and the X and Alpha Saphire edition. Some new things arrived which I don't like that much but I still get a thrill out of starting my adventurous journey in one of these games, haha...

    I'm generally not a fan of mega evolution or these new Z-moves they introduced.. But maybe I'll need to get more used to them. What I like is the new perspective / cameras feeling a lot more first person like. Also looking at the new Pokemon I think they're kind of running out of ideas... I mean a pile of garbage, keys and a wall are a Pokemon now... really? I still kind of see Pokemon as living creatures and non object based beings...

    Anyone else a Pokemon fanboi here? Or has been in the past? Getting these new titles?

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