Steam Summer Sale 2k17

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    cool Steam Summer Sale 2k17

    Whats up boys and girls its that time of the year again!
    The Steam Summer sale is back for the 2k17 sale.
    On from June 22nd-July 5th.
    Share what you guys have purchased, whats you have in mind to purchase, good deals, or if you need any recommendations from others!

    Personally I wanted to buy DS1 but out of the three souls games but its the only one NOT on sale. Unfortunate, however I might just go with DS2 since its 70% off Other games that look good as well are Shadow of Modor, Darkest Dungeon, and Black Desert Online. Not sure which one to buy haha, recommendations would be appreciated.

    Link to all the deals!! : Welcome to Steam
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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2k17

    @Mucski this might interest you

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2k17

    I've actually convinced myself to get X-Plane 11 for 48 bucks in the summer sale (down from 65$). Still a high price but the sim was released only 3 months ago and I'm a big big aviation fan. Started flight simming back when I was 8 years old with MS Flight Sim 98..... The good old times...

    The majority of flight simmers are still using MS FSX from 2006.... The performance is beyond horrible in that one + you have to invest at least 200$ in environment add-ons to make it look half decent.

    I hope X-Plane 11 finally introduces the next gen flight simming era. The graphics look astonishing (without environment add-ons). Now we only need the add-on developers to throw their attention into this sim. Waiting for a nicely developed airbus 320, 330 and 340 family add-on. That'd be awesome!

    A few pics of that sim, if you're interested:

    Edit: Oh and I'm considering to get Steep for half the price to play with a pal.

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2k17

    My friend said the Tales of Series was pretty nice. It's good thing they were on sale and grabbed them.

    So basically these + Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 which was gifted to me by a friend of mine.

    There's still a lot more I wanted to buy (my wishlist has like 700+ games) but ya.

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    Re: Steam Summer Sale 2k17

    Has anyone else seen how cheap valve games are? I remember buying portal 2 when it was first released for $60! But now it's only $2, same with left 4 dead 2 lol