Warning: Rhaon checks here

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    Warning: Rhaon checks here

    If you're publishing a server
    don't publish it here.
    Rhaon checks here.
    Posted a mirror of my Server Creation tutorial and it was taken down a couple of hours later.
    Just a warning.

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    Re: Warning: Rhaon checks here

    A moment of silence please.


    It was a nice run. I have met some really nice people in this community and also made some good friends.

    This is the last post I will be writing on this section of ragezone and possibly on all ragezone.

    I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Talesrunner private server section.


    I guess this is a good bye

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    Re: Warning: Rhaon checks here

    We need to revive this forum- it's dying slowly.
    Soon it will be nothing-
    I'll try to update stuff this summer.
    Didn't Rhaon stopped working on the server 1 year ago?

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    Re: Warning: Rhaon checks here

    Well Rhaon always updates korean tr , Hk Talesrunner etc but they will never update the private servers they don't want us to have them.