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    config Basic Npc Workshop

    This section of the forums have seemed pretty quite the last few days and I'm sitting here bored out of my mind waiting on a partner to get back to the current server I work on so I offer to make any simple scripts following the base guidelines below. Accepting requests from both people new to scripting and people with experience already. Pro scripters may find it more appealing to work on the more advance scripts rather than waste time on the small stuff

    Single Item Exchangers. 1 Item required in order to exchange for an array of items. (Note: I can't release the previewed script as it's on the server i work for but its easy enough to figure out)

    Classic Item Exchanger: Farm x Types of items and x amount of each type. (Bingo is used as an example, I don't have a custom off hand with these clean server files )

    Vendor: Self explanatory but an npc which will interact with the character by selling/buying.

    If you're new to ToP servers don't let that worry you too much. I'm willing to help you with adding them, It's not too difficult of a process.

    Also note, when you make a request please post the Item Ids from your Iteminfo.txt. You may find that in Server Files\Resources. The Item Id's will be the First Number in each row.

    Example of finding Item IDs

    1	Short Sword
    2	Long Sword
    3	Fencing Sword
    4	Serpentine Sword
    5	Dazzling Sword

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    Re: Basic Npc Workshop

    pero donde me puedes enviar el link para yo poder descargar ese programa estoy trabajando en un server y necesito un poco de ayuda