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    Sudden Attack - Section Rules

    The following rules are specifically for this section. Before you post, make sure you have knowledge of the rules. Breaking them will result in a warning/infraction. Please note that these are subject to change without prior notice, so make sure you are always updated about the Section Rules.

    General Rules
    - The Global Forum Rules, of course, also apply on this section.
    - Advertisement is strictly forbidden in this section. If you want to advertise your server, do so here.
    - You can not post Team Recruitment threads in this section. You can do that here.
    - Do not ask off-topic questions in release, development or tutorial threads! If you have a question, kindly make use of our help section instead.
    - It is strictly forbidden to sell your server files, you are only allowed to release them for free.
    - We do allow constructive criticism. However this is to a certain extend. We do not allow any kind of trolling/flaming/insulting.
    - Always apply the correct tags when posting, such as [Help], [Guide].

    Sudden Attack Developments
    - Give enough information about your development, including screenshots if possible.
    - Keep your development active, and post regular updates and information.
    - When you post a development thread, you must be intending to release it.

    Sudden Attack Tutorials
    - Do NOT post help requests in this section. Also don't ask for help in any of the tutorial threads. Instead, open a new help thread in the appropriate section.
    - When you post a tutorial, make sure it is understandable. The best thing is to use screenshots.

    Sudden Attack Releases
    - Include information and screenshots of your release.
    - Make sure the download links are always up.
    - A virus scan is appreciated, however not mandatory. Posting virus infected files will result in your account being banned.
    - Do NOT post help requests in this section. Also don't ask for help in any of the release threads. Instead, open a new help thread in the appropriate section.

    Sudden Attack Help
    - If you question is not specific it will most likely be removed and you may be infracted.
    - If there already is a thread containing the same question as you have asked, don't make a second thread about the same problem.
    - Only post if you really want to help, keep it on-topic.

    Reporting Posts
    If you see someone breaking one of these rules, make sure you report the post. In no case are you allowed to take the matter in your own hands, so don't comment things such as "Wrong section". This will be considered as spam.

    As said before, the rules are subject to change without prior notice. If you have any further questions, send one of the Section Moderators a PM.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Sudden Attack Moderation
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    Re: Sudden Attack - Section Rules

    As of the 24th of May 2017, you are allowed to revive an old topic, if your reply contributes to it. Contributing posts are:

    • Requests for re-uploads if a link went down (a single request is enough, don't spam it)
    • Re-uploads of dead links / files
    • Fixes for released files
    • Constructive questions and answers related to the release/tutorial/development
    • Updates of your release/tutorial/development

    If in question, create a new topic in the Help Section to keep spam as little as possible.

    Please take note and keep yourself updated with future rule changes.