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    Custom Headgear Sprites help

    Hello, I'm currently searching for sprites for the following type of items:

    [Angel Wings]
    [Demon Wings]
    [Phoenix Wings]
    [Fallen Wings]
    [Dark Angel Wings]
    [White Butterfly Wings]
    [Chii Ears]
    [Evil Helm]
    [Vivi Hat]
    [Slayer's Helm]
    [Helm of Asura]
    [Kakashi Head Protector]

    I was wondering if anyone could please help me in finding these sprites that I could download or something.
    Looking forward to your help.

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    Re: Custom Headgear Sprites help

    PartyGirl, if I remember correctly they can all be found on in the sprites section
    eAthena script/database dev

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    Re: Custom Headgear Sprites help

    Ragnarok Ultimate Network of Enhancement, RUNE for short is a community dedicated mainly to enhancing the client side of the game Ragnarok Online by Gravity.

    This is the best place where to get your sprites, but please take note of their Download System.

    Limited downloads per group to help prevent leeching. The "Limited Member" group is not able to download until they have 10 non-spam posts, or 5 unique uploads to the system.

    RUNE Home Page

    Requesting for a separate topic and a pin if possible.

    Recruiting Dedicated Staffs!

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