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Were you can Express your feelings and Have a Great time All information About Server Is listed Below - [GM]Akinu

Rates: High Rate 6000.0x/5500.0x

Base Lvl: 550

Job Lvl: 200

Events Daily

Experienced GM's

Donations coming Soon.


2.Skill Resetter
3.Stats Resetter
4.Platnium Skill NPC
5.Town & Dungeon Warper
6.Marriage System
7.Adoption System
8.MVP Arena
9.All-in-one Job Changer (Baby & Adult)
10.Player vs Player (PVP)

Player Commands:@go @storage @die @help @petrename
@party @dye @ccolor @hstyle @hcolor
@ii @leave @mobinfo @exp @invite
@whodrops @rates AND MORE...

How to Register?

_M or _F There a Tutorial on the website for people who dont understand. (Look Up for link)