New player-tailored private server

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    New player-tailored private server

    Hi, I am looking forward to create a new private RO. A 5x/5x/5x complete classic/pre-ro style that suits most players' preferences. Max level will starts at 99 and progress to unlock to 127 in future.

    I have a budget that can host a private server up to 2 years, up to 100 players. With success (goal meet), i may extend the lifetime of this RO to another 2-4 years.

    I previously hosted my first private RO 9 years ago but was forced to shutdown as I was preparing for high school exams.

    Now my question is, how many of you are still playing RO in 2018 ? How many of you will join if I build one according to Overlord/Death March concept ?

    This a like a survey before I jump into something with my both feet. I would not want people like you to start your adventure in my RO when there is no one else to party with you lol

    Come Discord and discus with me :