[Question] What is looked for in websites and panels?

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    [Question] What is looked for in websites and panels?


    I'm the member of a small company ( Bytific ) and have some questions for the server owners/developers of this section.

    We're a group a people who have started something which deals in making CMS(es) ( Content Management Systems ) and Administration Panels for different games and private servers for a very negotiable price.

    We originally started out with the game "Tales of Pirates", but the community isn't very active, so we decided to move onto other games.
    What I wanted to ask is,
    1. What are the basic features a website of a Ragnarok Online server should have?
    2. What are the features that are necessary in an administration panel?
    3. What are some features that would be really nice to have in either of those?

    We want to provide high quality products to all our customers and would like to find out what our product should consist of.

    Thank you for your kind attention.


    PS: If this is the wrong section for such questions, my apologies, please direct me to the correct section.
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    Re: [Question] What is looked for in websites and panels?

    For players, it must be user friendly.
    For server owners, it must be easy to do administration jobs. Lots of options and addons. Available theme (Paid or FREE).