My RO2 Review

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    My RO2 Review

    Ragnarok Online 2 The Gate of the World Review

    By The Mat Hatter

    Game play Rating: 8 / 10
    Graphics Rating: 9 / 10
    Sound Rating: 8 /10
    Value Rating: 5 /10
    Over All Score: 8.5 / 10

    Please keep in mind while reading this, for me trying to remain objective in this review is a bit hard to do. The plain and simple fact is that I have been a Ragnarok player for a very long time. From the first rumors or a Ragnarok 2 game being released I have awaited its arrival. Finally the day came open BETA testing started for Korean players. I run straight to my computer that morning so I could get myself an account. Downloading Time for the program was not that bad at all, as near as I can remember the file was about 1.8GB. Freshly armed with my account I booted up the game. I got to the log in screen as was bursting with excitement. Creating my very first character was a dream come true. Everything was ready now and I was all set to play. When I got all logged in I am sad to say I was disappointed, Nothing to me felt the the Ragnarok I was used to. Nothing looked like the Ragnarok I fell in love with. I am not just talking graphics or game play. I am talking about the cities, the characters, and the stat system. To me it seamed like I was playing an entirely new game loosely based on the Ragnarok game. I decided that I would keep playing, thinking that maybe I would be able to get into the game. I starting leveling my character, losing my HP I quickly used a potion, and was outraged when it told me I had to wait before using my next one. I died. I continued to level up and was very surprised when my weapon gained a level. It was a rather cool concept to level up my weapon (witch I got to name at the creation screen). It gave me the felling of always having a trusted friend with me in battle. Getting to only level 5 it was now time for me to change into my first job class. I was surprised once again not to find only 4 classes that I could change into, as opposed to the many I am used to. Also I found out that I could change my class at anytime, to anything I wanted even back to a novice if I wanted to. I did not like that. I enjoyed having to make a new character every time I wanted a new class. This was about as far as I have managed to play, I really cant seem to get into the game.

    The Finial Word

    If you are a hardcore Ragnarok fan you will be disappointed with this game. Gravity has not stayed true to the original. If you are new to the Ragnarok online world then you may find this game alright as you are not used to things a certain way. I think when Gravity was designing this game they should have stopped their development team from playing other games, namely Rose Online and World of Warcraft. I think that Gravity should have kept a lot of what they already had and focused on upgrading graphics and game play, but stayed true to what made us fall in love with their game. For me the biggest joy I will get from this game is when the coding is cracked and private servers begin to emerge. Put into the hands of true fans who will add custom scripts, modifications, and generally improve on Ragnarok 2. Although a decent game I would not spend money each and every month to play it.

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    Re: My RO2 Review

    Potion wait time? Class resets anytime? What the hell...