Tree of Savior (RO Birth Child) - The Melia Project

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    Tree of Savior (RO Birth Child) - The Melia Project


    I am not the owner of this community, but I feel alot of people don't know of it yet, which is very sad..because they've gotten so far, yet they still need your help.

    What is The Melia Project?

    Melia is an open-source MMORPG server software for the international client of Tree of Savior. It's solely being developed for educational purposes, learning about programming, MMORPGs, maintaining huge projects, working with other people, and improving knowledge. It's not about playing a game or competing with any services provided by IMCGAMES or its partners, and we don't endorse such actions.

    Melia is completely free and licensed under the GNU GPL. As such, every user is free to use Melia and choose how to use it, in the context of its license.

    How can I help?

    There are 4 ways you can help us to improve Melia:

    1. Research
    2. Bug reports
    3. Pull Requests
    4. Releases on the forums

    1. Research

    Do research on NPCs, quests, skills, anything really that isn't implemented yet and post it on our research forum. The information you post will help developers to implement the features.

    2. Bug reports

    Report bugs on GitHub, so they can be fixed ASAP.

    3+4. Code

    The fastest way to get code contributions into the source is a pull request, which, if well written, can be merged right in to master. To expedite this process, all pull requests must comply with our coding conventions below.

    Alternatively you can make "casual" releases on the forum, which developers might pick up as research or as a base to implement the features into the official source.

    Coding conventions

    Base: MS Naming Guidelines, MS C# Coding Conventions
    Use _private for private fields and this.Foobar for properties, public fields, and methods.
    Use tabs, not spaces.
    Comment lines shouldn't exceed ~80 characters, other lines' lengths are irrevelant.
    Excessive usage of the auto-formatting feature is encouraged. (Default VS settings)
    Avoid overuse of regions.


    Forums: Forums - Aura Project
    Gitter chat:
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    Re: Tree of Savior (RO Birth Child) - The Melia Project

    excause to set client to let it connect to emu ?? @Keith

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    Re: Tree of Savior (RO Birth Child) - The Melia Project

    Im interested here :D

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    Re: Tree of Savior (RO Birth Child) - The Melia Project

    where can i get the supported client version for melia?

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