[Tutorial] Fix Terrain Footsteps

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    [Tutorial] Fix Terrain Footsteps


    I was working on the War Inc. Src a while ago and managed to fix some stuff and add new things.
    That project was just for fun and I decided to release my work but sadly I lost my mega.nz account so I lost everything on it
    But I can remember some stuff what might be useful for you guys. Please dont judge me if something is not working correctly because I cant test it on my own at the moment.

    To get the footsteps working on the terrain (grass/sand/concrete) you have to follow these steps:

    Search in Client code in Terrain2.cpp
    r3dTerrain2::LoadLayerFromScript1( Script_c *script, r3dTerrainLayer* layer, int* count )

    And replace the function with

    r3dTerrain2::LoadLayerFromScript1( Script_c *script, r3dTerrainLayer* layer, int - Pastebin.com

    After that search for:

    r3dTerrain2::LoadLayerFromScript( Script_c *script, r3dTerrainLayer *layer )

    And replace the function with:

    r3dTerrain2::LoadLayerFromScript( Script_c *script, r3dTerrainLayer *layer ) { - Pastebin.com

    I hope that will work!
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    Re: [Tutorial] Fix Terrain Footsteps

    Thanks mate i will try it