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    shout [Discussion] Dragon Nest Private Server Developement

    To all developers who are not sharing their work because they already doing good for their future DN server. Shame on you!! You should share your work because without this DN Tutorial Release, you will start from nothing. You won't lost a lot of players if you share because there are billions of players out there.

    For the forum admins, I would suggest to have a wiki site for DN to have a better guide to all readers. Like this site www.rathena.org/wiki, its not only for your benefits but also for us who wants to know more about making DN server.

    To all newbie in making DN server, don't lose hope in making DN server. Reading some forum topics will help us a lot.

    Thumbs up for those who make a release for DN server.
    Thumbs down for those who learned and waste this release.

    "You learned it from here share it here."

    Lets all make this project /forum more active.

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    Re: [Discussion] Dragon Nest Private Server Developement

    We can't administrate a wiki page for every single game we provide sections for. If you guys feel the need of a wiki page related to the DN release, you'll have to make one yourself. There's plenty of room for tutorials and releases in these two sections.

    Else then that, good job forwarding the the idiom "sharing is caring".

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    Re: [Discussion] Dragon Nest Private Server Developement

    on u.
    those who runs good may come out to help sm newbies, but not showing-off ot blaburing

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    Re: [Discussion] Dragon Nest Private Server Developement

    [HELP] ~ Now the problem is, when selecting direct channel disconnect