[Discussion] Raise your hand if you've given up on DN Pservers out there

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    [Discussion] Raise your hand if you've given up on DN Pservers out there

    I have been to every pserver there is... (even the crappy indo ones that use hamachi) and I noticed a lot of bad things in common so instead of repeating myself from my "Suggestion to Pservers" thread...I'm going to let the ragezone community chip in.

    Please name the servers you have given up on and why - hopefully one of em will get the message...I'll name the big ones
    PlayDGN - the admin is practically non-existant...this was the best pserver for a long time but they screwed up royally when they decided to rival other servers with pay to win.
    Blue DN - the root of all evil; started the pay-to-win trend, the +15~30 trend, and the "don't care if shit is bugged" trend.
    DragoDN - a photocopy of the old EternalDN
    TrueDN - another photocopy server
    SkyDN - Alin or w.e. his name was doesn't pay attention to anything but his ego.
    DNFires - a turd server that got polished...so now its a polished turd: it just went from being unplayably buggy to unbearably generic (again +15~30 and pay to win).
    EternalDN - a wasted opportunity, they used to listen but not anymore. Now its as crap as any generic DN server out there - prolly something to do with the asian devs they hired recently.
    OracleDN - this one combines the previous 2: a wasted opportunity because of an admin's ego.
    EpicDN - nothing I've seen so far rivals this server's pay to win policies...Anyone you party with either a) wants you to carry or b) wants you to pay him to be carried.
    LegendDN2 - the admin is too busy spamming other pservers' forums (seriously hes on every dn pserver forum) talking about how good his server is that he isn't doing anything with it.

    Sorry if I missed anyone but: being forgettable is better than being agonizingly unforgettable.


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    Re: [Discussion] Raise your hand if you've given up on DN Pservers out there

    At least you have any good reviews ?

    @Btw it's still my name , haven't changed it.

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    Re: [Discussion] Raise your hand if you've given up on DN Pservers out there

    Ah, dragon nest servers, I've been playing most of them for quite some time now and all the OP has said is true and would be my reasons for giving up aswell lol.

    PlayDGN I played the most.

    BlueDN I for some time but only in short bursts, the OP stats were quite fun but gets boring. (This one is now DNFires, bluedn shut down)

    Dragon Oracle could have been so good, but the admin won't listen to anything the players say, I still post on their forum hoping it changes, such a wasted opportunity.

    DNFires, server I'm currently waiting for to get working, OP stats again but can have fun for a while at least, portal bugs galore (DDoS is what they say it is, which it could be of course)

    The rest you listed I tried but not enough to say anything about lol.'

    But yeah, I've pretty much given up on dragon nest servers completely, none of the servers popping up are anything that makes you want to play for a long period of time, Dragon Oracle was close but admin is just another one of those admins who refuses to listen and we can see what happened to it.

    Isn't there anyone out there who wants to open one up who has some experience with making a real, fun private server? I'd be willing to help with pretty much anything that doesn't involve setting the server up or coding, meaning like, CM or GM or Moderator or anything lol.
    Still hoping for mmodevastation to open one up<3
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    Re: [Discussion] Raise your hand if you've given up on DN Pservers out there

    SkyNest is a pretty legit server, they do have to finally release the new update, then the server is stable and buggs fixed.

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    Re: [Discussion] Raise your hand if you've given up on DN Pservers out there

    PlayDGN was the only one I ever played. To be honest, it seems like people who manage to get popular DN severs going have no actual clue how to run a community. It's kind of sad.