[NOT a New Pserver] What are you looking for in a DN Pserver?

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    [NOT a New Pserver] What are you looking for in a DN Pserver?

    I'm making this thread in general for those who are going to make a new dragon nest pserver, lets all list the things we want to see in one in hopes we see a good server come out. I know theres a good pserver called BlueDN but trust me...I can't take it seriously.

    Heres my personal list
    - Balance of pay to win and play to win: I don't mind expensive donor items, but balance them and make all permanent cash pieces tradeable.
    - Level 70 unique (S) equipment through main story quest and L through achievements (a coupon exchange system maybe) since achievements are way overlooked in DN.
    - Titles with better stats because for the same reason.
    - Infact...better achievement rewards all around (jades, tradeable reskill scrolls, etc).
    - Mist Nest drops only high grade jades (u can still keep their drop rate between low and mid); this'll make life simple for the server not to lag as well as for us that just toss crude jades out anyways.
    - Memoria IV, which is 10x harder than Desert Dragon Nest, shud be allowed to drop level 70 Jades.
    - Better PVP rewards: including increased ladder points gain or atleast REMOVE RATINGS SYSTEM cuz that takes a lot longer than the points.
    - Damage increase/balance, otherwise 80% of your community will be Ravens and Artilleries.
    - Maintain drop rate of 1/4,2/4,3/4 the same as 4/4...we shud be rewarded for our effort when partying alone/duo/trio.
    - For nests between lvl 24~60, replace craft material with with the actual equipment sets <- this is a lot more interesting than "opening a level up box and poof! u have what u need".
    - Higher gem drop rate: onyxes, agates, alteums, diamonds, w.e.

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    Re: [NOT a New Pserver] What are you looking for in a DN Pserver?

    I think it's just friends play (I'm not starting with benefits, and I dont pay for the Server or Bandwidth)