[Dev Support] Latest DragonNest Server

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    [Dev Support] Latest DragonNest Server


    I've made this post to ask support regarding a final issue I have regarding setting up my latest server which is currently on the Machina awakening update (may update on NA = v316)

    Currently, the server is completely running and waiting for me to connect and play, but my only problem that stands in the way of finishing this server is the client.

    I've built/ update the server from 274 *Public version* to the version stated above and fully translated into English

    But as I start the client to connect to the server the cutscene starts playing and as I skip the cutscene it should go to the login screen which it doesn't it simply freezes for a long time to eventually greet me with *Unable to connect to login world*

    before you say check if your Login server is on. YES, it is on, both gateway_Auth and phone are functioning perfectly. some step that I'm missing with the client might be the problem
    That is the only thing standing in my way of finishing the server and publicly releasing my source + tutorial

    Much help is appreciated

    Some screenshots to showcase my problem:

    Client folder

    Launcher to start the exe

    Unable to connect to login world

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    Re: [Dev Support] Latest DragonNest Server

    Need a custom .dll to tell the server where to go