[Tutorial]Dragon Nest - How to find Item ID's

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    note [Tutorial]Dragon Nest - How to find Item ID's

    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. What 'll you need
    • 3. How to get the ItemID
    • 4. Outroduction

    1. Introduction

    Hallo, my Name is Agentum and yeah i'm the only real from DNEU.
    I realy like the game and im bored 'cuz DNEU can't do a good Balance-System!
    So i'm planing to release my own Server and share all my experience i'm gaining!
    The Server 'll be a Balanced-Server without OP-Item's!
    But the Introduction for this i'll release in a different Topic when i'm finished with all research and performance configurations.

    2. What 'll you need

    You 'll need a running Server just like the 283-Serverfiles.
    You 'll need to be logged in to the Server with an GM-Account.
    You 'll need the Item you wanna create again.

    3. How to get the ItemID

    3.1 Once you loggend in to the Server with your GM Account, try to geht the Item you wanna create.
    Sure it's hard, but i did it by my self with the whole IDN L- Equipment.

    3.2 Now just write "/makeitem " and link the Item you wanna create with "Shift+Left click" in the item and hit "Enter".

    A message 'll appear in the screen with an "Error"
    In this message you can find the "ItemID"
    I'm at my phone and in holidays in Boston right now,
    but when i arrived my home again at 28.12 i'll make Screenshot so i can explain it better!

    3.3 Once you have found the ItemID just write in chat: "/makeitem #ItemID", replace #ItemID with your ItemID you researched!
    And voilà you successfully created your Item you wanted to recive!

    4. Outroduction

    Thank you to all releasers of the Serverfiles!
    I'll Update this Topic with some pictures to explain the Tutorial better.

    Regard greetings form Boston
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