Need help with cleric fix

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    Need help with cleric fix

    hello guys,

    I don't know if this section is still active.. I already doing research and it takes 3 weeks to understand about what I should choose, download, and setting the release that already released a few years ago so i can make a server at least run fine..but it seems I am late.. if you guys know and willing to help me and maybe help some others people too..

    can you please reupload the cleric fix from this thread [Guide] 80 Cap Files: 7 Classes / Tutorial / Gameres / Client / Troubleshooting ???

    or do you know how to fix ".act" files ??? because my cleric has an animation bug if getting hit by mobs.

    i think @protocolbeta the thread starter and the link provider on thoose thread is already inactive

    pretty please???????

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    Re: Need help with cleric fix

    Bump, new here too.. And the post are getting waaayyy too many for me to search for answer

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    Re: Need help with cleric fix

    Bump LF "Cleric Getting hit is bugged. FIX (Andre YCL Provided thank them!) HERE (Place in server side: char/player/cleric " too