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    [Dev] 2D MMORPG - Shrine Online
    Shrine Online - 2D MMORPG

    You have been recruited to join as a hero to a land that is being threatened by malicious monster. You will need to train, learn new skills, craft new weapons and follow up a quest line in order to craft your own equipment in the Godly Shrine. Only those who have equipped the Godly Equipment will be able to beat the malicious monster that is regularly breeding minions that are scattered all over the land. Come be the hero who saves the land!

    Gameplay Script:
    You choose a class:

    1. Knight
      1. High HP
      2. High Damage
      3. Small Radius Attacks

    2. Archer
      1. Medium HP
      2. Medium Damage
      3. High Radius Attacks

    3. Wizard
      1. Low HP
      2. High Damage
      3. High Radius Attacks

    Starting game in Noob Island where you have to accomplish the following quests (Level 1-10):

    1. Kill 30 Red Beetles
    2. Gather 4 wood logs
    3. Kill 30 Slimes
    4. Gather 4 rocks
    5. Kill 30 Bears
    6. Gather 4 fish
    7. Kill 45 Wasps
    8. Kill Boss

    The quests grant you equipment, life potions and mana potions.

    After killing Noob Land boss, you are granted an item which lets you teleport to the main land for levels 11-30, called Hamlet City.

    In Hamlet city you will meet shops for each class, crafting tables, potions store, gathering quests, killing quests, dungeons and boss runs.

    When reaching level 30, you will be able to access a special quest that you need to pass a dungeon with a boss at the end of it. Completing this quest will open up a permanent portal to the next city, Orcas City. Orcas City is for player levels 31-60.

    There will be similar gameplay through Orca City but the difference from Hamlet city is the map, monsters and quests.

    At Level 60 a new quest will be available. When completing this quest, a permanent portal will be opened up for player to a new city called Arctica City, which is for players levels 61-90. This special quest will include gathering and craft a special key that will grant access to a cave with a boss that needs to be killed.

    For the time of Alpha and Beta testing, there will be a special map for those who have reached level 90. This map will be a hard core grinding map with very good mob spots. The monsters in this map will have a VERY small chance to drop Godly Shards, which can be used to craft the best equipment available in the game. You will need to gather some shards, go to the Godly Shrine (which is also difficult to get to, as it is fully protected by dragons of all sizes, and you will need to craft it there. You will have a high chance to fail the craft, so far that you will need additional items to raise the chance of successful craft.

    Getting to craft Godly Equipment in the Godly Shrine will take it’s time, and will give us, the developers, more time to work on new content and new graphics for the game.

    Additional features:

    1. Guilds
    2. Parties
    3. Friend List
    4. Stats distribution
    5. Skills upgrade
    6. Crafting Skills (Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining)
    7. Bounty Hunter Achievements
    8. Boss Raids
    9. Dungons
    10. 1 on 1 PVP
    11. Group vs Group PVP
    12. Ranking
    13. Chat system

    Development Progress:

    1. Maps
      1. Hamlet City (Lv. 1-30 Map) - 75/100
      2. Orca City (Lv. 31-60 Map) - 50/100
      3. Arctica City (Lv. 61-90 Map) 10/100
      4. Godly Shards Arena (Lv. 91-100 Map) 0/100

    2. Classes
      1. Warrior - 80/100
      2. Archer - 50/100
      3. Mage - 40/100
      4. Druid - 20/100
      5. Assassin 5/100
      6. Paladin 0/100

    3. Crafting
      1. Fishing 30/100
      2. Woodcutting 30/100
      3. Mining 30/100

    4. Quests
      1. Grinding Quests 5/100
      2. Gathering Quests 5//100
      3. Boss Quests 0/100

    Shrine Online is recruiting for the following positions:

    1. Alpha Testers
    2. Game Moderators
    3. Map Creators
    4. Quest Creators
    5. Story Creators
    6. Event Creators
    7. Community Managers
    8. Fans & contributors
    9. Youtubers
    10. Media Content Creators

    Please contact us with full information about your skills, experience, age and why you want to join Shrine Online team.

    Contact Us:

    1. Email - shrineonlinemmorpg@gmail.com
    2. Discord - https://discord.gg/tHQSzgc
    3. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Shrine-Onli...05588561317447