[Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

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    [Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

    Hello ragezone,

    I'm and my friends working on Asda2 emulator server and we did a great job so far, but we needed more people who are interested in developing Asda2 to get more effective work,
    I will put some info about the project first and then I will go to the details like what we finished and what bugs still not fixed or what systems are still not working .. etc.

    Info about the project
    Project Name: Asda2 Server
    Programming Language: C# Under .Net Framework 4
    Project Based on: WCell
    Project Decompiled by: @aijundi his thread forum.ragezone.com/f857/asda2-server-files-source-code-1148567/
    The project can work on 3 languages which are English, Russian, and Arabic, but for now it is work on English and Arabic.
    Project on GitHub: https://github.com/aIjundi (There are Tools to Edit the Bin Files Client side)

    What is working on the Emulator?
    - Login System
    - Create Character
    - Remove Character
    - Movement
    - Inventory
    - Craft System
    - Digging System
    - Fishing System
    - Maps System
    - Drop, Gold, EXP, Systems
    - NPC System
    - Guild War System
    - Guild System
    - Faction War System
    - PVP System
    - Gacha System
    - Seal System
    - Upgrade System
    - Option Exchange System
    - Warehouse System
    - Soul Guard System
    - Ballista Profession Added
    and more, almost every system work fine.

    What is not working/Bugs?
    - Quest System
    - Upgrade Reset System
    - Weight System
    - Some Potions needs some improvement
    - Faction Flag, there are some flags in the town every faction win the flag changed (related to Faction War)
    - Skills need to be fixed it is working, but needs some improvement
    - Weather System
    - BulletinBoard System
    - Durability System needs some improvement
    - Revive Scroll
    - Guild Name Change Item
    - Mount Expand slot
    - Premium Incubator
    and there are more bugs I can't remember it right now.

    If you want to ask about another things don't hesitate to ask you can contact with us on Facebook or PM me or just reply in this thread.
    Thank you, I'd be happy to see people who are interested in the project.

    Contact with us
    Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/AsdaStoryProject/
    PM me

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    Re: [Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

    Anyone interested guys?
    @WireShark @jonnybravo @Bradley @lastfun @opCode

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    Re: [Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

    Waiting for the PS really will play !

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    Re: [Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

    Facebook link is not working
    Any progress with emulation? Do not want to start Asda Story development instead of asda2?

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    Re: [Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

    does anyone still have the game Client for this the only two I can find don't work

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    Re: [Development] Asda2 Emulator (Open Source)

    Yea, the authors dont give any version or download link. Would be helpful with a client