[Development] Let's Build Open Source Emulator for Icarus Online

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    [Development] Let's Build Open Source Emulator for Icarus Online

    Icarus Online (Korean/Japanese version) - 이카루스

    I found that someone developed an emulator for older client - https://github.com/Tahoma1987/IEMU

    but Tahoma1987's emulator isn't maintained and is outdated.

    I'd love to see if someone would love to build an open source emulator for latest Icarus Online. I have strong experience in software engineering and socket programming, but I don't have experience in depacking/decrypting compressed files (pak, npk) and sniffing encrypted packets. I could offer a help in developing a server-side stuffs (server, SQL, etc) or someone can tell me what should i do to reverse-engineer the game (tools, etc)

    Also, I'd like to know how to translate client-side files from KR/JP to English.

    Yes, I have heard about Nexon's official Riders of Icarus (public server) and Project Icarus (private server), but I prefer an open source emulator for playing offline or playing with small group of friends on LAN party.

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    Re: [Development] Let's Build Open Source Emulator for Icarus Online

    bump and good luck
    make a post in team recruit too
    i want icarus to my collection of mmorpg servers

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    Re: [Development] Let's Build Open Source Emulator for Icarus Online

    I also want a emu of icarus, but I can't do anything on coding.
    I'm looking forward to your emu of icarus.

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    Re: [Development] Let's Build Open Source Emulator for Icarus Online

    Personal opinion, dont. Its a dead game in the west and your efforts for building one will just go down the drain quickly.
    I suggest you emulate ArcheAge instead. Even if people thinks its dead, the server in West by Trion is still holding up quite fairly and I am sure, there are people wanting to play on a Private ArcheAge server instead of Icarus online.
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