DMO Files 2016

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    DMO Files 2016

    Hello friends . I have working in dmo file, and database too. I discovered interesting things .
    I know that most of people knows about this things but I'm writing to motivate you.

    I'm using the oldest client that gdmo has. But trust me , Ikuto always was available as tamer even than you only can choose 3 initials tamers (Marcus , Yoshino , Thomas). It is not my main account , this account had already come with database that I downloaded.

    I can make the quests (accept , complete too and them receive de exp and itens) but when I change the channel the game stop and close.
    Other curiouse thing is when I finish any quest the tutorial appears , I don't know why.

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    There are a lot of things missing .

    Examples :

    The database is incomplete.
    The packets(related with your action in game) are incomplete. To complete that we need someone who knows program in C++ or C#.

    I discovered this things because I applied reverse engineer in some dll files.

    Are there someone who can help me??
    Why all people stopped to develop this game?? We need to support each other. We can complete this challenge, come on !!!!!!
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    Re: DMO Files 2016

    I'm sorry but simmons and me went there we nearly fixed it all apart from the missing packets. Once you get past alp that you'll need to get the bin files which is irritating and hard to find good luck with this!

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    happy Re: DMO Files 2016


    I could help if you are interested i had some experience with emulator, i have been in a group with some ppl who opened it once but after some obstacles as @Blaze Arcanine has said and than it was shutdown because of copyright infringement.

    If you are still interested or anyone else i could help, we just need a good team, i will offer for free website design specifically modified for DMO, web hosting & VPS server for server hosting.


    I would like also to ask specifically @Blaze Arcaninewhy didin't you release is it as public project on github or somewhere else someone could have finished it or helped at least.? :)

    Regards :)
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