New DragonBall Browser Game from scratch

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    cool New DragonBall Browser Game from scratch

    Hi, i dont speak very good english so i will try to explain correctly

    Im just developing a dragon ball game from 0, this is the login menu (actually the game is 20% finish)

    The game will be PvP and PvM and is made in js,html,php,mysql...
    I already do the:
    -Preload of all content
    -Inventory system
    -Shop system
    -Capital system
    -Delete item from inventory
    -Move items into inventory
    -Open gifts (to win cards)
    -World map
    -Movement on worldmap and enemys
    -and some more features i dont remember now xd

    In the game you will have a lot of cards and only with 1 card you can fight vs players or mobs. You can upgrade all cards.
    The inventory and capital system works to up stats for your main card, example if you card have 200 atk and you have 10 atk capital and +10 atk from an item, in fights your card will have 220 atk.

    This are only some contents, there are much more, i just made a video on my YT channel (sorry but is in spanish)