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    ! EpicDuel Emulator

    Yeah, I took this logo on a logo generator website.
    Don't mind it.

    Hello everyone,

    Somehow, it has been nearly 9 years since we've seen the first release of epicduel.
    You can imagine how surprised I was to see that this following game has yet to be emulated.

    While it is my first time emulating something from scratch, I decided that I would build it.
    The following dev logs will be published on this thread and the source will, eventually, be open source.

    That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


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    Re: [Development] EpicDuel Emulator

    Alright we'll all be looking forward to seeing this good luck.
    The pressure of human nature does not equal the presence of human persistence.

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    Re: [Development] EpicDuel Emulator

    EpicDuel AE Games?