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    shout [OpenSource] Nostale Private Server API - ChickenAPI

    Dear Community,

    I would like to present you ChickenAPI (what a strange name for Nostale content).

    What is ChickenAPI ?

    ChickenAPI is, as its name contains, an opensource API that will permit people to have an interoperable code between all implementations that respect ChickenAPI.

    I don't get the point, what does ChickenAPI ?

    Simply, if you see Bukkit for Minecraft, ChickenAPI has the desire to be the Bukkit of Nostale.

    What kind of features ChickenAPI provides ?
    Plugin System (easily create your own plugin that is interoperable with all server software that use ChickenAPI)
    Event System (easily register your plugins interaction with ChickenAPI's events)
    Heavy Documentation (All our work is under documentation !)
    Community Driven (If you wanna request something that you think ChickenAPI is missing, just do it, it's opened to Pull requests / suggestions)
    ECS (A well known design pattern, that improves software modularity)
    Basic Implementation provided (Most of the basic implementation are provided, however, you can use your own one !)

    Okay, it's an API, but who will be able to use it ?

    Who ever that has a server software that support ChickenAPI.
    Nos# (the new emulator, not the stolen sources you all leeched) is driven by ChickenAPI.

    Since this API is totally opensource, we would like people to help us building the most interesting API for Nostale Servers.

    Temporary thread design, we will go on a better presentation soon.

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    Re: [OpenSource] Nostale Private Server API - ChickenAPI

    good man!!!

    my project