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    shout Soldier Front / Special Force

    About 7 months ago I started working on a Soldier Front / Special Force private server since AeriaGames shut down and BullSF isn't as we expected it to be. Therefor I decided to step up and recreate the game with the best of both sides. This includes the features of the KSF(Korean Special Force 피망 - e스포츠 대표 FPS 스페셜포스!) client while having a low ping and the option to add custom features ourselves. I have got 2 hackers in my team who are working on reverse engineering the whole client so customizations shouldn't be an issue.

    Technical details

    - After trying multiple clients I decided the KSF client offered the best options so thats the client its going to be based of.
    - The server is written in C# because my C++ knowledge is very limited. Chern0byl wrote the core of it so Cherno thank you. Spity you didn't finish it as our agreement was.
    - We need to store data so I decided a MySQL server would do since we do not need many queries at once, neither we need joins or any weird things actually so a good configured MySQL server would do just fine.

    The loginserver is fully parsed. Every packet is being returned fine and basically everything in game works. With this I mean Item shop, inventory, Channel load, channel enter create room etc.

    -Creating server / channel logic is 50% done. People join channel but their names aren't displayed yet. I am going to start on this today because I was focussed on getting actually in game first which I finally finished.
    - Going into a training. This works but something is messed up. Will figure that out later, now I am going to rewrite some parts and creating more logic instead of hardcoded packets.

    I will keep this thread up to date tell me what you think of it and what I should do with it. I am opening one server for the SF1 competitive scene but not really sure what to do after.

    According to the rules I need to add a little snippet so enjoy the channel join handler ;)

      //Server -> Client request channeljoin 
            public static void Handle(Packet packet, Session session)
                //Send packet 0x6f, connection is allowed.
                Packet resp = new Network.Packet((ushort)NetMsgType.ACK_EnterChannel);
                Byte channelID =   packet.ReadValue<Byte>();
                Channel test = Program.Channels.Channels.Find(s => == channelID);
                //Accepted 1 denied 0
                //Send the packet itself.

    Update 12/23/2016

    - Starting, spawning, walking in game is working even though damage is a little bit fucked up.
    - Can now load weapons and other data based on ssn (Clients identification number)
    - Channel handler so we can start working on messaging in channel and messaging in channel and rooms and way more.
    - Capsule shop handling, we can now see all guns and load whatever we want.
    - Parsed some more raw data into acutal logic.
    - Made it work on a server so we can actually test with multiple connections
    - Started on a custom launcher so atm reverse engineering it and removing some checks.

    Update 1/2/2017
    - Channel handling has been added, the server makes an x amount of channels and keeps track of players and room. this includes joining/leaving the channel and the amount of players in the channel .
    - Messaging system added, whenever you send a message the server now broadcasts it for either 1, whole server, 2, whole channel, 3 a room.- Room handling has been added. Whenever someone creates a room it is getting added to the list and being displayed.
    - started on joining a room and actually play together.

    This doesn't seem like much but this was a lot of work due to the annoying packets here and the fact I had to create an idea of how to handle everything without using to much memory or creating a CPU hog. I know have the base of the game ready and should be able to go into really light beta for testing with friends soon.

    Update 1/10/2017

    This week I have finally implemented the identification system into the server for both users and rooms, this means creating rooms broadcasting the room and displaying it everywhere it needs to be displayed is completely working. Same goes for users in channels servers and the chatting with the id loading dynamically works as well.

    I also started on the launcher it is using the hashes of all scr files and using the clients own version check as well.

    I'll be going a little bit slower for like 2 weeks because I have exams.

    See you next time ;)
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    Re: [Development]Soldier Front / Special Force

    Please give a link to the client (you're working with).
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    Re: [Development]Soldier Front / Special Force

    Quote Originally Posted by lastfun View Post
    Please give a link to the client (you're working with).
    There is no direct download link, you will have to download it on 피망 - e스포츠 대표 FPS 스페셜포스! . Download and everything is done trough javascript.

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    Re: [Development]Soldier Front / Special Force

    New years update, happy new year everyone! ;)

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    Re: [Development]Soldier Front / Special Force

    Updated on 1/10/2017

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    Re: [Development]Soldier Front / Special Force

    Not bad, keep it up.