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    shout [UNITY] Cubity

    [UNITY] Cubity


    I present you a small project inspired on habbo that i've built to learn Unity.

    Win credits by chopping trees or mining. Remember to save them on the bank to earn some good interests!
    When i was a kid i always dreamed about leaving the hotel and exploring the streets. This gave me a chance to do it.

    i know it's not half as good as habbo, but hey, i enjoyed making it!

    The furniture was made using Qubicle (there are free alternatives like MagicaVoxel) and my brother, which is way better than me at art in general.
    Some examples:

    ¿How can i move?
    Point your mouse where you wanna go and simply press W.

    ¿How can i interact with npcs/bots?
    Double clicking them

    You can try it out at https://cubity.yelidmod.com/

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    Re: [UNITY] Cubity

    I moved the thread to MMORPG Extra Development since your project is not actually Habbo Hotel, but a Habbo Hotel inspired game.
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    Re: [UNITY] Cubity

    Good advance! Congrats
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