Van Tien ( EN )

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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    @lastkay1 Doesn't matter, thanks for contributing! I edited yours to make them a bit better and shorter, I wasn't sure about the sandstone and unlocking page layout one though. Until I play and know what it means I'll leave them.

    <i id="1" note="Tip: Press 'Z' to autoattack." />
    <i id="2" note="Tip: Press 'X' to rest and gain an exp boost. />
    <i id="3" note="Tip: Performing actions while resting removes the rest and exp bonus." />
    <i id="4" note="Tip: Ctrl + Left-click lets you jump through obstacles." />
    <i id="5" note="Tip: Play every day for one month to earn rewards!" />
    <i id="6" note="Tip: Reach level 32 to participate in fun quizzes!" />
    <i id="7" note="Tip: Equipping better items will improve your attributes." />
    <i id="8" note="Tip: Remember to combine copies of equipment to make stronger versions." />
    <i id="9" note="Tip: The same low grade sandstone can be classified as a high grade." />
    <i id="10" note="Tip: Press 'Y' to toggle your Ultimate skill." />
    <i id="11" note="Tip: The more levels you gain, the stronger you become." />
    <i id="12" note="Tip: Press 'V' to quick-travel to coordinates." />
    <i id="13" note="Tip: Complete daily tasks for massive exp gains." />
    <i id="14" note="Tip: Unlocking the page layout can expand the inventory size." />
    <i id="15" note="Tip: Feeling lost? The storyline will guide you through the game world." />
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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    please help me
    I can not create a Thailand character name
    I can not create a Thailand Guild name

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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    The game in Project ?

    I want to help with the project.

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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    Draculap16 how did you fixed the Space bug in

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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    CN.Properties Problem => Fixed

    Problem space word *Fixed

    *namenull (No Fixed " null " ) ==> Fixed

    *Retranslate the word ( No fixed ) => 50%

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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    link reload please

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    Re: Van Tien ( EN )

    Up, im reworking on this project.

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