Wonderland Online > Anyone know what to do with this?

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    idea Wonderland Online > Anyone know what to do with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by douglas10 View Post
    I get the server files on this topic http://forum.ragezone.com/f111/wonde...online-655682/ .

    i translated the 说明.txt and,i think the development of the emulator is stopped,i used google tradutor on it to know what are input on the txt,read below.

    Google tradutor says the txt archive is in ...Irish,is it what are saying google tradutor.

    When i open the server,it runs normaly,but isn't undertandable,
    and i not tried yet run the server on my client.

    as i said on the top of the message,i think the development of the emulator is stopped.

    Hahaha,new discover,on appear the >,input help to see the commands.

    Okay, so I downloaded it, got MySQL and executed the sql file in there.. but I've noticed that obviously a lot is missing. All the sql file really seems to add is the user/player stuff. Aren`t there supposed to be npc sqls and such? I also tried to run the server file, but it really didn't do anything.
    I know there's currently a Wonderland Online private server in development. See proof video here > Wonderland Online Private Server - YouTube .
    Does anyone have any kind of information on this (Where the source files are that made the private server in the video)?

    I converted a lot of .dll files into sql files that were able to be executed.. but unfortunately they didn't do much.

    I've been messing around with this a lot.. and I thought I might be getting somewhere for awhile. I tried using my hamachi ip for the server ips, also got wamp. Tried using my local host ip.. won't connect to the server either way.

    Anyways, that's about it for my experimenting for tonight I think. Trying to use previous private server knowledge to get this going.. but I do realize I'm missing files that will actually get it to work.
    Long story short, if anyone knows where any source files, or where the person from the video got development going for their server, please share it here. It would be amazing to get this thing out and running.
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    Re: Wonderland Online > Anyone know what to do with this?

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    Re: Wonderland Online > Anyone know what to do with this?

    Quote Originally Posted by ehdgus4452 View Post
    It's coming soon?
    Apparently o___o videos from that channel are 1-2 weeks old. They said they're hoping to have the private server released within a couple months.. but I'd really like to get started on my owner of the that server in development isn't willing tor release the source.. but I was looking like crazy and I think I found out how to set it up.

    Chinese P server ------>EDIT JAN. 5/2012This board has been deleted. Here is another similar one http://extremewlqbot.forumotion.com

    The last post has a tutorial on how to set it up. I've tried it.. and did everything it said, but for some reason the servers won't connect when I open the client. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

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    I was able to dig up more information. A lot of wonderland online bots, scripts, inculding things that would probably help with a private server were all on a website called helpmecompass.com which is no longer accessible because the domain expired on the 19th of last month. If I would have found this only a month ago, perhaps everyone who's been wanting to make a private server for this game would have had a start on it now. I'm going to keep looking and post any other information I find.

    I apologize in advance if my multiple posts seem like I'm bumping this thread, but I'm trying to post updated useful information for anyone who might be looking. Hope this helps.

    EDIT JAN. 5/2012
    Okay the helpmecompass.com website that went offline is actually still around, but it is now hosted by it's ip address:
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    Re: Wonderland Online > Anyone know what to do with this?

    ceepit up i hae had a go at those files as wel so far no luck what so ever
    just messing around with private servers and helping out is funn
    let ceep this comunety
    the best

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    Re: Wonderland Online > Anyone know what to do with this?

    defantly would enjoy this server