Download from baidu

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    thumbs up Download from baidu

    Download from baidu

    alot ppl have problems download from baidu
    this will help us download more ncie games

    here u can add any baidu link and download wiht good speed
    here link for guide its not mine ,but tested and working

    copy : 链接: https://xxxxx.xx/s/xxxx 提取码: xxxx
    link first last is the pw

    i use the downloader the guy in youtube vid posted,Neat Download Manager ,i set conntection to 30 and have amlosted max download speed
    not sure if the downloader is safe but i dindt get any probs wiht my virus scanner so far ,maybe someone can check it ,better be safe
    hope it fine 2 post it here

    if anyone has good site 2 get baidu wihtout need 2 pay pls pm me i realy wanna download some games i like

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    Re: Download from baidu

    Finally something useful in RZ Thank you so much for this, I used to just contact my Chinese Ambassadors to get stuff for me, this will be much easier to do now.
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    Re: Download from baidu

    you can use any downloader you just need extension for it (idm for me work perfect)
    the download can only be start once so you can't copy past a link used
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    Re: Download from baidu

    Hi, you have access barriers in turkey VPNs can suggest for this program

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    Re: Download from baidu

    Server 1 - 度云简易分享地址提取
    Server 2 - 度云简易分享地址提取

    I found the link to download the php files, if anyone wants to study them :)
    (you can create your own server)
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