Neverwinter Online RE-Release (Based on DNC'S source)

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    Neverwinter Online RE-Release (Based on DNC'S source)

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends


    Since the original NWO Thread and Files by DNC are gone, (only the general help
    thread left), there is the whole project uploaded into a new mirror, in a new relase.
    The shadowmantle title is coming from the server original code, its originally from
    approx. 2013 Dec 5, it has all features like the original NW.10.20131120a.14, but
    it wont work with original clients!!! Only works with this own client/server combination.
    this is a unique build! It has all features the Shadowmantle build did anno in 2013!
    Yet; this is still DNC files know that!

    As always: DO NOT USE this in live server and/or for money making, you
    can be sued by cryptic if you do, this is only for educational purposes only!
    Ye'r be warned! We dont take any responsibility of you using this files live and publicly!


    For Keiko123's More user friendly, better and detailed tutorials and how-to-start-a-server, click here THIS THREAD WILL BE THE GENERAL TUTORIAL/HELP THREAD FOR THIS RELASE NOW ON.

    There you go new mirrors for the server:


    NOTE: It would be nice if someone should take the time and help me to make some mirrors from this game... :\ It is a hell of a time to keep this intact, it is now totally around ~20GB(Client + Server + Addons) Not simple to keep files this big intact on file share-services you know... If no one will help me it will fade in time, and the mirrors will be erased. It is a shame becouse it is one of the best working games in RaGEZONE!

    Archive files explanations:

    NClient-20151111-UPDATED.partx.rar -> Client files
    Night-20151111-UPDATED-FIXED.partx.rar -> Server Files With Source
    NWO_Addons.rar - > A MUST HAVE stuff(For example: Chat Fix updates , admin
    commands and a 4000+ manual for this whole thingy, events, zen store fix, ect see below )
    NWO_src_only.rar - > Only the Source

    Note for Installation: If you are extracting the server erase all DB ending folders, otherwise you will not
    able to make an administrator! Folders to delete:
    accountdb chatdb objectdb if you
    erase theese, it will reset the whole emulator into default state! (you will need to make the
    subscriptions accounts and zen store remake from scratch, becouse in this case those will be lost too.

    Or other hand there is an option too: You *can* keep the database if you want(it is
    containing the full Z store+many accounts+full of fixes) however; you just wont be
    able to make a new admin accounts, but you *can* change the first two accounts
    password to use admin. Eg: search an account named "Peter" in the database
    manager, then change password for it...(you might need a password hasher i dont know...)

    if you make a new account you have to add the subscription manually for the new account int the web interface(so sadly no simple register + play method!!)

    Usage: Extract server into C:\ and start the MCP program in tools.
    (if you have STO in your HD; rename those folders to something else!!!
    they dont like each other... and wont work is you dont delete/rename sto files!)

    Also, make a chron/timed bat event to run each day in your server to erase the
    C:\dumps folder, becouse after a week/month it can be the double size than the server itself!!!!!

    Check addons for details!

    @Keiko123 ' s install tutorial guide (Big thanks for him):



    I wanted to share my experience and also to add some information.
    I testran the given release by Flyer8472 flawlessly.

    Machine for testing and playing (running) both the server and client at the same time.

    CPU : AMD FX-83508core 4Ghz
    RAM : 8Gb (also 16Gb)
    GPU : AMD Radeon HD 5670 1GbDDR5 (You can try going lower than this GPU, but I wouldn't advise it. This game's known for not behaving nicely for the DX12 GPUs, but you can try those, too. If you RUN it on some other GPU, please let all of us know)

    Tested both on a SSD and HDD, Both on
    C:/partition only, as well as other partitions, too! The repack contains the src (for extracting the original files IF YOU WANT to learn stuff, or whatever, but this is completely optional), which demands to be ran with C only. The repack itself is limitless when it comes down to the letter (partition) use.

    A quick, fast guide that's bound to work :

    1. Download the given pack in the original post. The pack is the SAME PACK the person used to play on for several months, so it's BOUND TO WORK.

    2. Unpack Nclient-20151111-UPDATED.part1.rar and Night-20151111-UPDATED-FIXED.part1.rar to whichever drive letter you want, it doesn't matter. Make sure to have around 50gb-60gb free at least! When it finishes extracting, you will see two folders named
    - NClient

    Leave them for now and go to fix the windows host file in (default)C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
    Right-click on it and edit it with a notepad (or other text editor of your preference).

    3.Add these lines into the hosts file code code_server code_game_server

    Don't put “#” in front of the numbers that you're adding.

    IMPORTANT NOTE : My LAN ip is You can check yours by running the Start > cmd
    Look for the IPV4 address and use that one instead of

    Save your hosts file as just hosts (don't add that .txt on it'send)

    IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : You can completely turn off the internet and play alone if that is what you wish to do. Instead of you can put IN fact, I URGE YOU to do so just in order to have the first TEST run.

    IMPORTANT NOTE 3 : When you want to start the client game itself, you will be able to type in the IP location that you want the client to use, meaning that you control the client's network behavior.


    When you start the Server for the first time, it might ask you to allow many different sever-based processes to join the home network. The idea is to allow all of them in order to have a fully functional server.

    a) Go to Night > Tools > bin and start the _0 _ MCP.bat
    Allow many different processes to run, they will run in CMD format, with closing down in approx 30 sec after finishing the important jobs.
    You will also get a small GUI window that will have a big Orange-Red letter N button and also the “Baffingly complex mode”button down below.

    b)After some 1-2 minutes after the-0-MCP.bat started, you want to click on the “Baffingly complexmode”. This will expand the GUI of the MasterControlProgram. Here you can see all the server-based processes as well as get a confirmation whether they're running or are they ready. This is highly important.

    c) You want to have GameServer and Client under the “Do not auto-launch” checkbox. You want to have the rest of the server-based processes on the “Hidden” checkbox. When you're sure that everything is ready and that the hosts file is properly made, you may run the big orange-red N button now.

    d)After you start it, many server-based processes will have a confirmation that they're running or are ready. Wait until all of them, except the GameServer and Client are ready!
    The only one that won't show “ready” is the ObjectDB, which is completely fine. The Transaction server will state “connected”, which is yet again ok and you shouldn't worry about it.
    Now, press GameServer button (not the … button nor the !!! button). You will see that it's loading stuff like German translation, costumes etc, all in pretty much 0.00 sec. Wait until it says Server ready (5.4s loadtime) (time loading will vary from machine to machine, also It'd be good if the server's on a SSD or even m.2 if you have it, although it's not necessary). After it's done, you will have the two icons on active taskbar, one is a green-blue “!” and other is the black-green “S”. It's time, now, to start the ADMIN panel.


    a) Type in your browser :
    You will see “Account Server” Here, you may see many stuff which are server-based and also add ZEN if you so chose.

    b) Getting the admin/owned/dev privilege
    Go to

    Account name : peter
    New Password: type here your new password for the account
    Confirm New Password : repeat the process of typing

    c) Then go to the
    Under the "Account ID" type 1 (numeric one) and hit "View Account"
    Then go to the small letters [Server monitor] and enter there. Under STRUCT > Commands navigate to the "Change Personal Info", you'll get First name, last name and email info changing options. Change to your preference. It will change the peter name into something else that you like.

    6. Start the CLIENT GAME

    Go to Nclient > Neverwinter.exe primarily and exceptionally. Do not start GameClient, Start only Neverwinter.exe.
    If you did it correctly, you will get a Window where you choose the IP that the Server is on. Type the same server IP that you'reusing from the STEP 3. in this tutorial.
    When the game is loading for the first time, it will take MORE time than usual, and will ask you to configure few parameters here and there.

    If the Client does not recognize your Account, exit the Client and go to the MCP's Baffingly complex mode. Hit Full reset, and then repeat the STEP 4.After that, try again the STEP 6.

    You might see a few characters from the previous owner of the Server, but that is okay.The Guardian Fighter is already the guild-master with items ready in the guild-bank (usually stones and whatnot). You can create your own character anew.

    When you start the game, note that you will see the ACCESS LEVEL in the top-right corner. This indicated your access level (for instance ACCESS LEVEL 9).
    You may enter the console on “`” or in the chat type /console

    It brings drop-down gray-ish menu that you can use to make certain command available.

    For instance, if you want to add a specific item you will have to write
    GiveItem Potion

    When you write that,press CTRL + TAB in order to make the console list all the items that have “potion” in their name.

    If you want to add Astral Diamonds to yourself, you have to write

    GiveNumeric Astral_Diamonds 500000

    When you want to add to yourself 99 watermelon sorbets, you can type like this

    GiveItemcount sorbet

    Then hit the CTRL + TAB to see the full string for that specific item. It will be something like event_consumable_watermelon_blabla and don't forget to add 99 in the end. That will give you one stack of the item.

    Do not add to yourself any recipe's nor test-based items, since they usually are not very good and can be game-breaking and lag-intensifying. There are, however, test items and some of them do not work.

    There is one case where the Primary Mulhorand weapon for the Trickster rogue is having a wrong class attached to the weapon so it says that it's for the Hunter Ranger.

    There are alternative items for everything.

    Adding the item sets will NOT add the sets themselves, but the missing tooltip and a empty space/object to the inventory that defines the 4/4 bonus of the particular set from T5 and T6. Interesting, but completely useless.

    Sometimes the dbHogsnapshotmerger will activate during your gameplay, just pop-up on the screen and take the active window.I can't find a fix around this, and it's usually every 30 minutes orso.

    You can find good items, such as Graycloak pack. You can add the points to the boons for Sharandar and dread ring (just do actrl+tab for GiveNumeric point and you will see a string for the DR and Sharandar, but be warned that DR ones won't work until you have a complete shar campaign).

    To add the rings into your STONES OF ALLURE or Might or whatever you want to use, first place the RINGS/WAIST/ICON into your own character slot, then apply the enchant and then add to the pet.

    Concept is sorely misplaced for the items use this to get the Radiant enchantment rank 10

    GiveItem T10_Enchantment_Red

    You can also use the

    GiveItem T10

    And the hit the Ctrl+TAB in order to see all the enchantments for the rank 10.

    You can also use the

    GiveItem Enchant

    And then hit the CTRL+TAB in order to find potential Vorpal or Plaguefire or similar enchantments! They will all have markings for their respective growth.

    NOTE : You can only add ONE enchantment to the Main weapon and the body armor. Adding 2 will CRASH the client and server.

    If you played Neverwiner during the MOD2, then you know which powers are OP and which powers are broken. This is the time when the CWs were still using the Shard and Arcane Singularity.

    GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! I will probably type what commands I've found working and being able to be used in the meantime for EACH CLASS.

    @Keiko123 's Console and item guide (Also a big thanks for him to taking the time for doing this):

    Hello. Here are some of the Neverwinter commands used with the Console options for the privileged account (admin, dev).

    The primary command that you'll find yourself using the most is the GiveItem command.
    In order to have the autofull help search function working properly, you need to type in the commands EXACTLY as they're shown, whilst it doesn't matter for the item itself whether it's big or small letters used.

    I've been testing for the gear for the DAMAGE builds primarily (those are Power, Crit and Armor Penetration builds).

    Note that enemies in the game have their own Damage Reduction properties (usually stated as DR%) which translates to their "Mitigation". By taking the Armor Penetration, you're Mitigating the enemy's armor and your power essentially can manifest in it's full potential.

    Note that the tooltips for this game are MISLEADING which is Neverwinter quite notorious for, and certain armor types do more than what their Set Attributes are showing.

    The game uses both BUFFS and DEBUFFS applied separately for certain feats and/or abilities, which are applied only AFTER the Armor penetration is applied, which furthermore reduces the health of the enemies.

    However, the Weapon Enchantment called Plague Fire basically lowers the Mitigation(armor) of the enemies for the entire team. It is applied for three times and has a specific cooldown, so it makes sense to use the AoE spell, usually by a Devoted Cleric, in order to utilize the fullest potential of the Weapon Enchantment alone and also the total group damage. It would make no sense to use it for single-target based damage, especially if it's made for high Critical Strike bonus, so a Vorpal Enchantment might come as a better solution overall.

    Be warned that Weapon Enchantment damage is calculated differently from your Regular damage and it can be modified by buffs and debuffs, however it can never Critically Hit. This applies to the Weapon Enchantments which deal DoT (Damage over Time), that can work amazingly for characters that deal a lot of AoE (For instance, Plague Fire is a great enchantment for a Control Wizard of a Master of Flames paragon tree).

    There are Several damage calculations and you MUST pay close attention to those.

    - There is Weapon damage called At-Will (abilities that increase or buff the weaapon damage only)
    - There is Encounter Damage (abilities that deal damage solely based on the uses of Encounters)
    - There are Feats (which may apply to the several different mechanics and/or specific encounters)
    - There are Buffs and Debuffs which may regulate some or all of the above-mentioned things in a timely manner.

    There are numerous Internal Cooldowns which are not shown in the Tooltips for the things, but activate once every minute or two. As such they're usually not very good.
    There are abilities and cool-downs which reset after each Battle-Mode (For instance the Control Wizard Renegade's ultimate feat that gives buffs for the team or the Trickster Rogue's Critical strike on the Lashing Blade).

    In all cases, the pure, raw damage that you receive on your character is almost always better than the attributes that you receive.

    So, a Purple knife that deals 23-44 damage is NOT AS GOOD as a Green knife that deals 33-55 damage because it effectively UPGRADES your entire arsenal of Encounters and At-Wills, sometimes for hundreds of damage floaters, and even more if you add the Critical Severity into the calculation itself.
    However, the Purple knife might have more stats, like Power/Crit/Recovery etc which are usually not worth taking at lower level since the level-up is rather quick anyway, and most items come directly from finishing the quest-line and receiving in the chests.

    Of course, there IS a way to add to yourself some rather good items and the best way to do so is to add items which have a SOCKET place on them, where you will add particular items to your leisure.

    Be mindful that Head, Arms and Feet are almost always (if not always) Utility Sockets.

    The Sockets are presented as Offense, Defense and Utility. Each Enhancement will have a tooltip of what they're doing and how they're helping you whenever you Enchant an item.

    My Idea is to increase the Main-Hand weapon damage, which is the best method of achieving exactly that. I disregard the Weapon Enhancements at lower Levels because they don't do much without your actual damage, and the lower level enemies are not that tanky anyways, so it really makes more sense to give to yourself the raw 300 Power from the Radiant Enhancement rather than adding to yourself any Weapon based Enchancment that does the percentage of your overall weapon damage (which is usually extremely low at lower levels).


    Note : I advise these for people who don't want to add items to themselves all the time, or type a lot. They are solid items, but nowhere the best possible in terms of micromanagement. Not even by a longshot. The good side is that they are useful for the Weapon Enchantment slot (main hand only), but bare in mind that Adding both Weapon enchantment and a runestone to your mainhand will crash the client and server instantaneously. So, just don't do that and you're good to go!

    There are several items which you may choose for the starting gear. For instance, the best SCALING gear that you can get is called ANCIENT MULHORAND (to my knowledge).
    It is purple-based gear that scales with your level, and as you level-up it will get more and more attributes.

    To add those you will do as follows. Enable the Console command window by hitting tilde “ ` “ and type in

    GiveItem Neck_All_Purple_Mulhorand_legacy

    As you may notice, the items are divided into sections and definitions. The string tells us that it is the item used for Neck (cloak) slot. It can be either an amulet (necklace) or the cloak (cape).
    The parameter “all” tells us that each class may use it freely. The parameter “purple” tells us it's Quality (in this case it's legendary). The parameter “mulhorand_legacy” tells us it's name and purpose.
    Pay heed that certain items are bound on Equip, certain items are bind on Pickup and certain items are not bound at all. This game DOES NOT have any type of a Unbind/Unbound scroll or any equivalent item.

    The rest of the console commands for the MAIN HAND weapons are :


    As you can see, the parameter “Primary” refers to the Primary hand (Main hand) weapon. All weapons in the game will have the “Primary” parameter used in the Item definition (ID).
    The parameters such as “Controller” or “Hunter” refer to the specific classes. Most of the items defined for the specific class will ALWAYS have the class parameter such as “Controller” (sometimes the parameter is also Wizard, and sometimes the item is even paragon oriented, so be mindful).

    The rest of the console commands for the SECONDARY HAND items/weapons are :


    Note : The Trickster legacy set seems to be corrupted as it shows that it is used for the Hunter Ranger class, which is rather absurd.

    Those are all PURPLE QUALITY LEGACY based items and quite possibly the best scaling items that you will find for this game version.


    Now, these are a real bomb on the early level because they have no Level restriction, and appear to be as strong as level 14-15 weapons themselves. After that they appear to lose the value, drastically.

    GiveItem Equipment_Primary_Greycloaks_Legacy_Collectors

    OR, alternatively, you can add weapons yourself by doing these commands :


    It appears that there is no Hunter Ranged equivalent weapon from the Greycloaks Legacy pack.
    These are definitely best to have early on! The bonuses on them ain't bad either for each class individually.


    Now, these babies are the best for levels individually. They come in several versions and each of them is absolutely amazing. They are divided into Tiers, from Tier 02 to the Tier 04, and also divided for the levels 10, 13, 15, 19, 23, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54, 58, and finally 60.

    For instance, you can get a level 10 weapon and it will for for each levels from one to ten. At level 10, you can use the Level 13 weapon,and it will work from 10 to 13 and so on, you get the picture.
    It wouldn't be bad to give to yourself each of those weapons so that as you progress you may apply weapon on-spot, and I suggest carrying them with you all the time in your bag slots. These Restoration weapons are of PURPLE QUALITY, meaning that they apply three to four different stat boosts. Blue applies two to three stat boosts, green applies two to thee stat boosts etc, etc. Obviously, for the higher levels you want to have purple, but that might not always be the case since there are some blue items which apply the same stat up to three times, making it sometimes even the pure 400+ boost to a particular stat itself (although these items are the epitome of micromanagement mastery).

    The RESTORATION weapons are too many to list by me now, but they don't change much.

    Note that you change the class area with the class of your choice. Classes are


    Sample :

    GiveItem Primary_Controller_Purple_Restoration_T02_L10

    I suggest doing it like this :

    GiveItem Primary_yourclasshere_Purple_restoration

    And then hit the CTRL+TAB in order to see a full list of the Restoration weapons for your desired class. Or, you can cut the entire thing by simply doing this :

    GiveItem resto


    You will get a list of all the weapons for all the classes and the valid names to use.

    Don't forget to add to yourself each Enhancement stones!


    Here you may use the GiveItem or GiveItemcount commands

    T10_Enchantment_Red (will give you a Radiant Enchantment, usually best for Defense and Offense sockets)
    T10_Enchantment_Blue (will give you a Dark Enchantment, usually best for the Utility socket, although also good for the Defense if you lack Life Steal)
    T10_Enchantment_Cruel (will give you lower individual values, but overall higher when you want to apply more of these)
    T10_Enchantment_Feyblessing (Utility only, DO NOT double-click it to improve it)
    T10_Enchantment_Green (will give you Silvery Enchantment, usually the worst thing you can get for PvE type of combat. Even with four of these you will barely reduce your Encounters by 0.6 of a second, so it's a waste)
    T10_Enchantment_Purple (will give you Azure Enchantment, which will raise your Critical Strike by a percentage and also could be used for the faster Experience gain)
    T10_Enchantment_Special_Lockbox_Nightmare (will give you a Greater Tenebrous Enchantment which deals Necrotic damage by an unknown internal cooldown and an unknown chance, so it is not that good in comparison to the flat damage boosts, could be good for tanks and PvP)
    T10_Enchantment_Tranquil (will give you a Tranquil Enchantment which basically has an unknown internal cooldown and an unknown chance to heal you up for a rather low bit of HP when you get hit, could be good for tanks and PvP)
    T10_Enchantment_Yellow (will give you a Savage Enchantment which is similar to the Cruel Enchantment)


    The best pet to have in the Module 2 is the AUGMENT based pet, who's essentially a pet that expands your item wearing stuff. I.E. It's like having three extra items on yourself with full Enchantment ability! It is easily up to 40%-50% of extra damage or defense, health or whatever you choose to build!

    There are several Augment pets here, however my choice is to add this one

    GiveItem Pet_Iounstoneofmight_Purple

    The pet has the Active bonus of +5 Stamina regen (lame, yes, but all augments have lame bonuses here, so this one is actually the best out there)

    I did not find the items that can levelup the pets easily, nor scrolls (That must have been added in later modules of the game), however there is a way to LEVELUP your pets easily with a command line.
    For this to work properly, you need to SUMMON the pet (you can have up to FIVE ACTIVE Pets, NOTE the difference between SUMMONED and ACTIVE, different things!) and then type this command :

    SetPetLevel 30

    Of course, that will add the max level to your pet given that the pet alone is of PURPLE quality.

    You can change the PET quality by a command


    1 must be for gray (regular, never tried), 2 is green, 3 is blue and 4 is purple.

    You want purple because that is where all the extra bonuses are! Be mindful that after you set the pet levels, their experience is narrowed down to the least experience needed to achieve the level of the quality.

    You may add to yourself the T10_Runestone by typing

    GiveItem T10_Runestone

    and hitting the CTRL+TAB command in order to list the few Runestones.

    For other pets I strongly suggest adding a
    Book Imp (it is like adding extra 800 recovery to yourself on 30th level and is better than adding actual recovery to yourself, shortens the encounter speed by some 0.6-0.8 up to 1sec overall, which is a nice increase in overall damage)
    Slyblade Kobold (which will increase your overall damage by up to 5% on stunned or rooted enemies, which isn't all that bad)
    Fire Archon (Increases damage by 5% on all enemies who're under 30% of HP, you'd be crazy not to take this one on 30th level)
    Archmage's Apprentice (Which kind of has a chance to slow-down the enemies a bit on each encounter use, this is a testing thing for me now so yeah)
    Blink Dog (It adds +5% Combat Advantage Damage, which is excellent for Trickster Rogue class for instance)
    Dancing Blade (It adds the amazing +5% Critical Severity on the level 30 so it's amazing for end-game builds and high-crit chance players)
    Panther (It adds +10% Damage to the Prone targets, although I'm not sure how it's actually applied first-hand and what's considered to be prone, it needs testing)
    Acolyte of Kelemvor (Adds +5% incoming healing bonus, which can be good if you're a tank and have absolutely no potions)

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND using these pets :

    Aranea (It has a 3% chance to apply a lightning on target, with an unknown internal cooldown, this is COMPLETELY useless)

    Generally the pets that have a chance to apply an effect of Damage over Time in terms of poison or similar to that, usually doesn't work well and doesn't even scale with own powers.
    To see all pets type either


    And do the CTRL+TAB command in order to see the available list of pets. Some pets DO NOT work at all, and adding them will make them STUCK in your inventory forever, so just in case make a TEST CHARACTER that will be adding all sorts of pets until you find the one to your liking!


    These are just too funny not to take! They usually all stack and work on your character! Those are potions and buffs alike!

    GiveItemcount Scroll_Damage_10 99 (will give you a stack of +10% damage boost)
    GiveItemcount Scroll_Damage_5 99 (will give you the same thing, only +5% damage boost)

    These two WORK AND STACK together, and last for 30 minutes. All you need to do is double-click them each once : }

    GiveItemcount Invocation_Buff_0 99

    Repeat the process with Invocation_Buff_1, Invocation_Buff_2, Invocation_Buff_3, Invocation_Buff_4

    They will give you a stack of amazing buffs to give you something to do from lower to bigger levels.

    TWO BEST POTIONS TO HAVE are Potion of Heroism and Elixir of Fate.

    GiveItemcount Potion_Heroism 99 (will give you a stack of Potions of Heroism, a level 60 only item, that increases your Primary and Secondary stats by one)

    GiveItemcount Potion_Fate_5_Divine 99 (will give you a stack of Elixir of Fate, a level 50 item, that increases all your attributes by one)

    These two can work together and are amazing!

    Next in line are the Divine potions!
    They all have the Potion_typeofpotion_5_Divine parameter, so you can find them all by typing

    GiveItem 5_Divine

    And then hit CTRL+TAB in order to see a list of the best potions to have in the game!

    You will notice a lot of different potions you may add to yourself, or simply use the GiveItem Potion_
    and then hit the CTRL+TAB to see your options.

    There are more fun items to be used, they fall under the GiveItem Flavor_
    parameter. Check them yourselves, some are junk, some are rather funny.


    Okay, so here's the thing – UPGRADING THE ARTIFACTS DOESN'T WORK AFTER PURPLE! That means that after you upgrade your artifact to the orange, the artifact will start upgrading itself from LEVEL 1, RESETTING IT'S STATS!
    To avoid this, your best chance is to add the artifacts yourself directly from their epic/legendary status.

    To do that and see a list of good artifacts, type in the Console

    GiveItem Artifact_

    then hit the CTRL+TAB to see a list.

    All the best artifacts have the R4 (orange), but you might want to add all the R1, R2, and R3 in order to get that collection ding.

    Artifacts that I will use for myself are

    Lantern of Revelation (nice damage bonuses)
    Eye of Lathander (biggest power bonus)
    And either Shard of Valindra (damage) or the Mirror of Secrets (speed, recovery).
    There is an alternative, however, to the Mirror of Secrets and it comes in a Potion of Power that literally fills 25% of the Action Points and has ICD of 12 seconds, which is amazing! Downside is the loss of 3% of movement speed, which isn't much given that at level 60 there won't be a lot of moving. It can be useful in the Dungeons, but then again there are always alternatives to that.

    You can give to yourself a stack of those and type in the Console

    GiveItemcount Potion_Power 99

    The item's Level 30 requirement, which is relatively low.


    You can always give yourself items by trying to find equivalent for your level and class.

    For instance you are level 44, all you need to do is go and type

    GiveItem L44 or L43

    It will list a bunch of items.

    Or if you seek a specific STAT, you can arrange that, too, by looking for a parameter!

    For instance, GiveItem classcripow and then hitting CTRL+TAB will list all items that have the two primary class powers of Crit and Power.

    You can seek the items that have a GEM (Socket) in them by searching GiveItem Gems1 and hitting CTRL+TAB, it will make a rather long list, however it will give you some understanding of what you're looking.

    Note that NOT ALL items share the same parameter classification.

    Sometimes you can get the L44 parameter at the beginning of the sentence, sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the end, and sometimes NOT AT ALL, so be mindful that this, after all, takes a bit of practice and experimentation in order to find what you want and what you need.

    You can also find items by typing GiveItem Gpow4 and hitting CTRL+TAB, it will list all items that have extra Power.

    You can also search items by Ghp2 or Glif2, 3, 4 etc, there are A LOT of variations.

    Each class item uses the classdef, classhp, classpow, classcripow, classpowrec etc, so be mindful of that, too.

    Purple items are USUALLY THE BEST, but green items and blue items have the biggest value for a solitary thing!

    For instance, the GREEN ITEM for Level 48 here is FAR BETTER than the BLUE ITEM of the same level!

    BLUE ITEM : GiveItem Arms_Controller_Blue_L48_Classcrirec_Bpow4_Gems0_T4
    GREEN ITEM : GiveItem Arms_Controller_Green_L48_Classpow_Gpow4_Gems0_T4
    Since the GREEN ITEM has the CLASSPOW and GPOW4 it will add more POWER OVERALL to the item resulting in total 329 Power and 77 Defense, whilst the BLUE ITEM will add only 99 Power, 165 Crit, 165 Recovery and 77 Defense.
    Of course, this is only for the Control Wizard class, however CERTAIN classes have this configured BETTER for the specific class. For instance if you do the same thing for the TRICKSTER ROGUE class, you will notice that the blue items will add a better overall stat to the Power and Crit since the class parameter starts with classcripow.
    The Green item for the Trickster Rogue will have the biggest Crit based stat, however, the blue one will add raw +100 overall which isn't bad either.

    In a sense, green items are great for building a SPECIFIC stat, however it is likely to be very narrow and class-restricted in terms of what class parameters you get.

    For instance the Guardian Fighter will have his class parameter go like classdef for green and classdefpow for the blue items on the level 48.

    Finally, you can add to yourself the TEST items, among which there are weapons that deal 5000 damage straight on! That, essentially, is the most powerful weapon in the game itself as far as I'm concerned.

    It kind of defeats the point of playing the game. It won't make you godlike, but it will make you to feel like you're playing a fully specced CW Module 5, for instance, in a normal dungeon at all times :) which can be tedious, but also fun for some who want to play-test.

    ALSO, highly important, add to yourself the BAGS.

    GiveItem Bag

    and hit the CTRL+TAB

    There is a bag called Bag for Testing, and it's under the parameter Bag_Playtest_200
    It will give you a bag with 200 free slots to use, and you can add 4 of these, essentially giving you 800 extra slots, so that makes 830 overall! More than you could handle. Of course, it might produce some lag (not really tested), so I wouldn't advise using more than one at a time.

    NOTE : A general tip is not to use the Lightning Enchantment for the weapon since it has a very weird bug where it will increase your aggro in quite a long range when used. It could be used by the tanky characters, though, so that they collect all the aggro.


    There is nothing better for a pure damage build than adding to yourself the Orishaar items!

    Just do the GiveItem Orishaar

    Hit the CTRL+TAB

    And add to yourself 4 RINGS and 2 BELTS for the corresponding LEVEL.

    4 RINGS will be enchanted with the Enchantment of your choice, but BE CAREFUL to first equip them on yourself, then unequip and equip on your AUGMENT pet. I usually put the T10_Enchantment_Red into those rings and belts, adding HP and Power.

    The Alternative to Orishaar is called Darkforest, so be mindful to also add items of that particular name.

    NOTE that you can add to yourself


    There are also class-based items with Ring_Controller or sometimes Rring_Spellstorm (in this case it's even Paragon only item which is rather weird to me, but makes it even more rare and awesome).

    There are two generic SHIRT AND PANTS items called


    They look awesome after transmutation and can be used by all, so that's a nice detail to have.

    You can also use for the Secondary hand the Darkforest collection!

    Just add


    hit the CTRL+TAB and you will have a bunch of the Darkforest items, or, better yet, hit the

    GiveItem Blue_Darkforest and then use the CTRL+TAB.
    They are based upon scaling to levels by ten by each piece, which is nice.


    Artifact Mission fix by @Keiko123


    I've seen it. I've read on their forum how the quest Artifact Recovery (the one that you do at level 20-21) needs to be with the critters/mobs of level 60, which is just a typical jumping into conclusions.
    There is a simple fix to this, which I'm going to share now, in the document called

    Location :
    [Drive]:\Night\data\maps\Adventure Zone\Az_Bdr_Artifact\Az_Bdr_Artifact.Zone

    Open it with a Notepad++ and change the "level" number.
    The "Level" at the end of the file needs to be changed from 60 to 20.
    Possible levels are from 1 to 70.
    Keeping it at 19-24 is ideal for the specific map zone.

    Then start the server and next time you venture into the map or a quest, the critters/mobs will have adequate level which you've assigned for the zone.

    To check the success of your tinkering you needn't to make a completely new lvl 20 character. That's what the commands are for...

    Even if you already completed the quest, go to J (quests), check "see all quests" or "show all", find the specific quest "Artifact Recovery", abandon it and in the console {~, tilde key} type
    Mission_add Az_Bdr_Artifact_Recovery

    Then, you will have a quest to go for the artifact box in the map with laughing skulls and smokey bridges. Of course, it's all for the testing purposes.

    Power fixes by @Keiko123

    I'll stick to the balancing the powers. Speaking of which, this will balance the Eye of the Storm feature for the SpellStorm Control Wizard builds and make it more useful.


    1. Go to the Night\data\defs\powers\Player\Paragon\Spellstormmage\Spellstormmage_Classfeature_Stormspell_Apply.Powers

    2. Change it to this code :

    PowerDef Spellstormmage_Classfeature_Eyeofthestorm_Apply
        Categories  Paragon,  Classfeature
        Targetmain Self
        Targetaffected Self
        Timeallowqueue 0.5
        Attribkeyblock 1958594624
            Attrib CritChance
            Aspect BasicAbs
            Tags  Buff
            Applypriority 1.000000
            Key 1958594624
                Statement <&4.5 + (.5 * (CharNodeRank(SourceOwner,"Paragon_SpellStormMage.ClassFeatures.Class_EyeoftheStorm")-1))&>
                Statement 1
            Target Self
            Flags  ShowPowerDisplayName
            Stack Replace
            Enhancementextension 1
            Statement <&HasPowerCat(powerDef,"Atwill") OR HasPowerCat(powerDef,"Encounter") OR HasPowerCat(powerDef,"Daily")&>
            Statement <&Application.Random <= ((.9 + (.9 * (NodeRank("Paragon_SpellStormMage.ClassFeatures.Class_EyeoftheStorm")-1))) * (1 + 2 * HasPowerCat(PowerDef,"Encounter")) * (1 + 2 * HasPowerCat(PowerDef,"Daily")))&>
            Statement 0
        IconName Wizard_Classfeature_Eyeofthestorm
        Purpose Class
        Msgdisplayname Pn.1r9aog
        Group Player/Paragon/Spellstormmage
        Indextags Enhancement
        Type Enhancement
        Targetvisibilitymain None
        Targetvisibilityaffected None
        Enhancementattachunowned AlwaysIfAttached
        Donotautoslot 1
    It makes changes as they were during the MOD3-MOD5, and also something that is widely credited as the best Feature for a SpellStorm mage overall.


    1. Go to Night\data\defs\powers\Player\Paragon\Spellstormmage\Spellstormmage_Classfeature_Stormspell_Apply.Powers

    2. Apply the given code below to the text and save it as it is.

    PowerDef Spellstormmage_Classfeature_Stormspell_Apply
        Categories  Paragon,  Classfeature
        Targetmain Self
        Targetaffected Self
        Timeallowqueue 0.5
        Attribkeyblock -1171177856
            Attrib Lightning
            Aspect BasicAbs
            Tags  RangedDmg
            Applypriority 2.000000
            Key -1171177856
                Statement <&( ItemWeaponDamage() + Table(Source,"Base_Ranged_Heavy") ) * (Var(Source,"Mult_AtWill") * .6) * (1 + (.1 * (CharNodeRank(SourceOwner,"Paragon_SpellStormMage.ClassFeatures.Class_StormSpell"))))&>
                Statement 0.4
            Continuingfx Fx_Spellstormmage_Classfeature_Stormspell
            Continuingfx Fx_Controller_Daily_Maelstromofchaos_Dot
            Type Magnitude
            Flags  ShowPowerDisplayName
            Enhancementextension 1
            Attrib Lightning
            Aspect StrAdd
            Applypriority 1.000000
            Key -1171177855
                Statement <&0.6 * Attrib(Source,"Abs_Power")&>
            Target Self
            Enhancementextension 1
            Statement <&HasPowerCat(powerDef,"Atwill") OR HasPowerCat(powerDef,"Encounter") OR HasPowerCat(powerDef,"Daily")&>
            Statement <&TargetIsType(source,target,"foe")&>
            Statement 1
        IconName Wizard_Classfeature_Stormspell
        Purpose Class
        Msgdisplayname Pn.Zh5vu
        Group Player/Paragon/Spellstormmage
        Indextags Enhancement
        Type Enhancement
        Targetvisibilitymain None
        Targetvisibilityaffected None
        Enhancementattachunowned AlwaysIfAttached
        Donotautoslot 1
    It will make the StormSpell feature similar to the way it was during the MOD3-MOD5, also one of the most recognizable traits of the SpellStorm mage. I've made it to hit instead 30% of all times, to hit 40% of all times.

    This way the At-Will Ray of Frost will have a bit of an upper-hand on the single-target enemies, specifically bosses, since it will make the StormSpell feature to proc a bit more often due to the way that Ray of Frost ticks on each 0.5 sec (common to most spells, however Ray of Frost is constant).

    Note that even with all the given buffs and whatnot, the Castle Never dragon will be a hard one to take down singlehandedly.

    Trickster Rogue players, please note that in this version Smoke Bomb does not apply DoT effects in terms of poison, it simply dazzes the opponents.

    Furthermore note that in Elite Dungeons enemies are level 65 and have Mitigation (other name for the armor) that doesn't drop below a certain point. Elite enemies are more resistant to all effects such as immobilization, rooted, frozen, prone and whatnot. Bosses are immune to all controlling effects.

    Weapon slot bugfix from @Keiko123:

    This is part one of my updates to the game. This update is regarding the alternative fix to the Weapons that use Weapon Enhancement slots.
    The idea is to remove all the Offense slots from the weapons that use them, and maintain Weapon Enhancement slots (pink square on the weapons) exclusively. This is a temporary fix that surgically removes the incorrect syntax in 291 weapons that I've edited per item and also tested with their classes in-game after the applied fixes. Everything works as intended with all Weapon Enhancement slots (that means that I've tested around 2300 items through the console).

    NOTE : If you already have a weapon equipped with either Offense enchantment or Weapon Enhancement, you will need to discard it and find the alternative version, otherwise you will get the bug and client will CTD. Apply the Weapon Enhancements only after you add these new files.

    NOTE2 : When you're extracting these, your server needs to be completely off and after the files have been extracted, you need to start _0_MCP.bat file exclusively.

    LINK to the file :!pp5iDRrY!9ttbL4wMHMWg8iRAl9A0xyY8BC67MDegd_pEIyCeIZE
    Password : RAGEzone123

    If you find any bugs, whatsoever, please let me know and I will fix them for you.

    STEP 1 : Go to where you extracted the Server itself. Extract the files in Night\Data.
    STEP 2 : Overwrite all files that it asks you to do. There are 46 folders and 290/291 files.

    files Explanations READ IT BEFORE USING THE SOURCE!!!:
    "Addons\Add More Admin" - > Explanation of admin adding(not sure if this is works...)
    "Addons\Characterslot fix" - > This fixes and add more default characterslots
    "Addons\Chat fix Update" - > To use chat outside of lan APPLY THIS PATCH!
    "Addons\Editor info" - > Video tutorial for editor
    "Addons\Epic Spellplague Fix" - >Fix for an unfinishable dungeon YOU NEED TO APPLY THIS PATCH!!
    "Addons\Hosts file Crack" - > Automatic hosts file fix, need to be edited to your server's IP
    "Addons\Microtrans files" - > All microtransaction files to zen store
    "Addons\NWO Docs" - > 4000+ pages manual for the engine itself.
    "Addons\NWO Launcher" - > Launcher for the client needs Delphi 7 Pro
    "Addons\NWO PIGG maker" - > Theese files is for using the server from cache(slightly better and faster that way)
    "Addons\NWO Queues" - > Edit queues/Events/Dungeon requirements
    "Addons\Pet Window Fix" - > Fixes a cosmetical UI bug.APPLY THIS PATCH TOO!!
    "Addons\Zen Store FIX" - > How to add items for zen store in db
    "Addons\add to hosts.txt" - > Mandatory hosts file lines for manual patching
    "Addons\admin account fiddle.txt" - > \_ Admin Stuff
    "Addons\admin account variables.txt" - >/
    "Addons\map editor.txt" - > Parameters for admin map editor mode(see the video first)
    "Addons\Neverwinter events.txt" - > Event editing
    "Addons\passwords.txt " - > Password for might passworded files
    "Addons\NNO Rewards Master.xlsm" - > Reward xls sheet
    "Addons\NW Combat Numbers.xlsx" - > Leveling and stat combat values sheet
    "Addons\" - > You can import this to add few items to your zen store(NOT ALL ITEMS IN IT, CHECK MANUALS!!)

    Repack features:

    - Coop friendly repack(you can use dungeons fewer than 5 man, you can make 1 vs 1 pvp events, and you can enter lower dungeons on higher levels, to make your lan party more party like. theese mods can be edited if you dont like it.)
    - Dnc's code and fixes are included in addons.rar.
    - Repack is stable, it was tested for approx. three-quarter years. with all characters by 10-15 peoples!
    - NWO game source in the pack.
    - 95% fixed and good source(There are very few bugs, but there ARE bugs just to know this)

    - No callbacks for home and/or cryptic/error tracker, it is an independent WITHOUT sniffing code.
    - 2 working Campaign(Sharandar and Dread Ring)
    - Working Queues
    - Working events(YOU NEED TO EDIT THE EVENTS TIME INTERVAL IN def/event files in every year !!!!)

    - 98% Working Dungeons
    - Working AH
    - Working Zen store(with my db)
    - Working zen Exchange.
    - All quest are good for 95%.(there is however 1 or 2 that can be finished only alone without party)
    - You can enter any event or dungeon alone, or less people than 5, or less than the required values!
    - Domination matches and other pvp events requires *only* 2 person to enter and participate. it can be modified.
    - Default character count is max 50 character, what you can have in your account (default is 2, but either you can buy slots or increase the server defaults)
    - Invasion events is in the code(you can protect the protector enclave.)
    - You can enter into lower-than-your-level dungeons on higher levels...(eg. if you are 60, but your friends only 20-30 lvl, you can enter with them in a lower level dungeon too.) it can be edited too in queue/event files.(it is a coop friendly repack)

    - Maximum player level is only 60

    - NO warlock class.
    - Foundry NOT working!
    - You cannot remove an enchant from a socket if you are bounded it to the socket of a player/personal item. (The button interface is missing)
    however from your companions: you CAN remove from socket! That is working!
    - There is however no Winter events in the code. It means there is halloween, and mid summer events, but no christmas and/or winter events, it is physically missing from the code, so you can activate it, but nothing will happen!)
    - There are 2 Buggy Dungeons. There is a fix for one in the addons! you will need to rebin the server after fix!!)
    - No mobile game support for artifact ingridients(in original game there is a web game where you can obtain enchantment ingridients for your artifacts, but in this, there is none. but you can add them by console, and put them into AH...)
    - Very few quest bugs(there were few with bugs, but mostly the error comes from lag, and afer a repeat, they are fixes themselfes. Few bugs with group errors, but they works for 98% stable.)

    - Few artifacts are missing or not upgradable, but you can add them by console; and then put into Auction House or ect ect...

    Fix for "when your character cannot log back in the game after logoff or crash/disconnect":

    There is a little bug in the game what occours randomly. So: If you experiencing disconnect and/or you logoff and you are experiencing that if the character you previously played with cannot enter game(e.g. it gets disconnect), dont panic! you just need to make an other character; i call them unstuck characters, becouse you dont get to play with them, you just need to create a level one character and leave it on the tutorial map. Enter with that character and after you get ingame, just log back to character select screen, and magicly your other character will be fixed for good. Keep the lvl craracter and dont play with it. We dont know the cause, but this is a temporal solution!

    Just for reference, here is the ORIGINAL NW.10.20131120a.14 Shadowmantle version feature/bugfix list what has our version too:


    NW.10.20131120a.14 Shadowmantle
    Went online from: December 5th, 2013 -> It Was online until: May 13th, 2014(when the Curse of Icewind Dale addon and campaign is added a whole lot new features. This relase is from this 5 month period somewhere.)

    WARNING! This Feature list is from the original patch note, and may be not entirely accurate regarding this server relase but as i saw it is 80-95% valid...

    New Class: The Hunter Ranger!

    The Hunter Ranger is now available to play!
    A brand new class that twists together ranged and melee attacks to exploit his foes in combat.
    You can now select the Hunter Ranger class at character creation.

    New Level 60 Adventure Zone: The Dread Ring!
    The recent Thayan Resurrection has caused much turmoil amongst the Red Wizards of Thay, some wanting to return Thay to the rule of the zulkirs, some still in service to Szass Tam. In a desperate bid to consolidate her power, Valindra Shadowmantle has decided to accelerate her plans at the Dread Ring to raise the ancient black dragon Lorragauth. Red Wizard insurgents revealed to Lord Neverember Valindra’s plans, and now a force of heroes from Neverwinter has been sent to try and stop Valindra. Take up the battle to thwart the lich’s evil plans by visiting Sgt. Knox in Protector’s Enclave at level 60 and taking the “Conquering Our Dread” quest.

    New Level 60 Skirmish: Dread Legion!
    The forces of the Red Wizards have rallied to drive the Neverwinter Vanguard from the Dread Ring, led by the powerful Saj Amog, Zulkir of Conjuration!

    New Level 60 Epic Dungeon: Valindra’s Tower!
    It is time to finish the fight with Valindra Shadowmantle! Confront the lich in her stronghold and end her reign of terror over the good people of the Sword Coast! This is the hardest dungeon in Neverwinter yet, requiring a Gear Score of 10500.
    Gear up, then queue up for Valindra’s Tower in the dungeon queues list.

    Dungeon and Skirmish Queue Revisions

    • Players may now replace missing party members in queued dungeons and skirmishes.
    • The level restrictions on dungeon and skirmish queues have been relaxed, allowing players up to two levels lower or higher to queue for each one.
      • If a player is two or more levels below the recommended level, they'll temporarily be boosted to one under the recommended level.

    • Party restrictions have been relaxed on skirmishes, no longer requiring a party to have a tank and healer.

    Party Vote Kicking Dungeon party leaders may now call a vote to kick a player from a party. This includes all Epic Dungeons, regular dungeons and Skirmishes at this time.

    Large-Scale Dungeon Revisions A number of changes have been applied to dungeons across the game to improve gameplay:

    • Dungeon quests have been updated to clarify current quest objectives and progression on the dungeon maps, including defeat of each of the dungeon bosses.
    • Respawn campfires now unlock after you defeat quest objectives or appropriate progression points on dungeon maps.
    • Holes in terrain have been fixed; additionally, warp volumes have added beneath maps to transport you to the starting safe area so players don’t get stuck in bad places.
    • Bosses have been adjusted so they either have their own locked-in arenas or will return to their arenas so they don’t get stuck in bad places.

    Early Game Revisions
    The early game from Protector’s Enclave through Tower District has been adjusted to improve quest flow and zone composition. Try it out with a new character! Highlights include:

    • Protector's Enclave
      • The quest, Vital Supplies, has been removed.
      • New quest: A Game of Orbs!
        This quest guides players to find the three Scrying Stones throughout Protector's Enclave.
      • The flow of Finding Honor has been slightly smoothed out.

    • Blacklake District
      • Hazel's quests are now more integrated with the flow of the zone.
      • The Dead Rats instance has been shortened and streamlined.
      • The enemy encounters in the zone are now a little more spread out and varied.

    • Tower District
      • The enemy encounters in the zone are now a little more spread out.

    Have you ever seen a really cool companion but had no idea where to acquire it? Are you a fresh level 60 but don’t know what items are available? Collections are for you.

    The Collections window can be accessed by pressing 'Ctrl-J' or by pressing the new button at the top of the screen. Collection categories are listed along the left side of the window.
    When a category is selected, you can browse everything that makes up these collections.
    The "Locations" checkbox will let you view all the items in the selected category sorted by location instead.

    When collecting an item that belongs to a collection, the item's icon will brighten in the Collections screen and you'll be presented with an Achievement-like notification (or more if that item belongs to multiple categories!).
    Every collection item checked off will increase your Collection Score (or Companion Collection Score as appropriate).
    Many collections also have a completion bonus, and some collections even grant titles.
    The Scores are purely cosmetic for the time being.

    Categories available on release:

    • Companions: A list of every companion that can be obtained in Neverwinter, aside from a select few "promo" companions.
    • Epic Equipment: A wide selection of armor and weapons for level 60 characters.
    • Artifacts: A complete list of available artifacts showing each major phase in their progression.
    • Sharandar: The Sharandar Rewards page has been converted into a collection category. It lists all of the rewards available in and around Sharandar.
    • Dread Ring: Like the Sharandar page, this category lists all of the rewards for the new zone, the Dread Ring.

    Active Companion Bonuses
    All companions now have an Active Bonus that they grant to you or your summoned companion when they are in an Active Companion Slot.
    These Active Companion slots are on the left side of the Companion Window. You start with 3 and gain one at level 30 and a fifth slot on reaching level 60.

    Active Bonuses are varied in their effects. Many just grant a bonus to the character’s stats. Some give bonuses when certain conditions apply, such as extra damage when the target is knocked prone. Still other bonuses have a chance to trigger when the character uses an at-will, encounter or Daily power.

    Look through your companions and decide which ones will be in your Active Slots based on the bonuses that they give. All active bonuses currently on you and your summoned companions are shown like a buff under your HUD portrait, with a turquoise hand icon. Mouse over that icon to see a list of all current active bonuses.

    New Artifact Quests!
    Along with the new Artifacts system, we’ve adding in an introductory quest to teach players about artifacts and acquire your choice of one of three artifacts.
    Talk to Sgt. Knox in Protector’s Enclave at minimum level 21 and take the “Artifact Facts” quest. Others are available from epic dungeons and as a glory vendor reward.

    Artifacts provide stats and a power that can be activated for your Primary Artifact. Up to 3 artifacts can be slotted at a time a single Primary and two Secondary artifacts available. Primary Artifact slots are always available to slot an item into where Secondary Artifact slots unlock at level 60. You may refine these artifacts similarly to how Enchantments now refine and improve their item quality, upgrading the artifact's provided stats and active powers!

    Enchantment and Runestone Item Refinement
    The way you rank up these items has changed. The process is now called Refinement, and instead of gathering 4 of the same type and “Fusing” them together, they now gain Refinement Points (RP) by consuming any other Enchantment or Runestone. The amount of RP gained varies based on the Rank of Enchant/Runestone you are consuming, and these amounts are displayed in the new Refinement UI when you place a valid item into a Refining Slot. You get additional RP when using a matching item, which is an Enchant/Runestone of the same type (Radiant or Training, for example), regardless of the Rank. After an Enchant/Runestone gains the appropriate amount of RP, it will now be able to Upgrade to the next rank. The Refining Stones needed to upgrade it are displayed, as well as the chance of success to do so. You will also be able to find various Refining Stones that are designed to be consumed for a boost of RP.

    There is a new tutorial quest to help familiarize players with these changes.

    Unslotting an Enchantment or Runestone intact now costs an amount of Copper, Silver, and Gold (based on the Rank of the Enchant/Runestone and the Quality of the item) as opposed to Astral Diamonds. You can destroy a slotted Enchantment or Runestone for no cost. You can also now Refine/Upgrade a slotted Enchantment without removing it from its slot. This can be done by right-clicking on a slotted item and choosing “Refine Enchantment” or by choosing “Refine” from the drop down list while in the Enchanting window.

    New Paragon Path Choices!
    All existing classes now have a choice between 2 paragon paths:

    • Control Wizard: Master of Flame – Control powers of fire and apply damage over time effects to your foes.
    • Devoted Cleric: Anointed Champion – Enhance your party or make your target invulnerable for short periods when they need it most.
    • Great Weapon Fighter: Iron Vanguard – Master the previously exclusive Guardian Fighter’s control techniques.
    • Guardian Fighter: Swordmaster – Learn the offensive prowess previously exclusive to the Great Weapon Fighter.
    • Trickster Rogue: Whisper Knife – Choose additional ranged and gap closing options.

    Patch Notes
    Classes and Balance

    • General
      • All classes will receive a free respec to use at their disposal to go along with the new Paragon Paths and other class changes.
      • Devoted Clerics and Great Weapon Fighters will be notified they are receiving a forced full respec of powers.
      • Many powers such as Icy, Terrain, Shard of the Eternal Avalanche and Daunting Light now properly benefit from the Armor Penetration stat.
      • Paragon Feats are now in the same position for all classes.
        This has no impact on when they can be purchased.
      • Resistances to Knock Back or Knock Down effects now reduces the amount knocked much more consistently.

    • Control Wizard
      • Arcane Singularity is now able to properly score critical hits.
      • Arcane Singularity now obey line of sight rules.
      • Chill Strike: This power now generates the correct amount of Action Points.
        This has resulted in roughly 50% more AP gained per use.
      • Chill Strike: The Mastery version of this power no longer incorrectly generates AP based on the number of targets hit.
      • Entangling Force: This power now generates the correct amount of Action Points.
        This has resulted in roughly 25% more AP gained per use.
      • Entangling Force: The Mastery version of this power no longer incorrectly generates AP based on the number of targets hit.
      • Steal Time (Mastery) will now also have a reduced cooldown when interrupted early.
      • Maelstrom of Chaos now obeys line of sight rules.
      • Feat: Tempest Magic Feat now also affects Fire damage.
      • Feat: Critical Power: AoE crits no longer incorrectly trigger this feat multiple times.
      • Feat: Malevolent Surge: This feat now properly affects Shard of the Endless Avalanche.
      • Many powers that didn't properly trigger certain effects now do.
        These powers include:
        • Arcane Singularity
        • Maelstrom of Chaos
        • Shard of the Eternal Avalanche
        • (Spellstorm Mage) Storm Pillar

    • Devoted Cleric
      • Daunting Light can now trigger all weapon enchantments.
      • Flame Strike is now able to properly score critical hits.
      • Flame Strike now obeys line of sight rules.
      • Power of the Sun is now part of the Righteous Tree.
      • Restoration Mastery is now part of the Virtuous Tree.
      • Many powers that didn't properly trigger certain effects now do.
        These powers include:
        • Astral Guardian
        • Daunting Light
        • Flamestrike
        • Hallowed Ground

    • Great Weapon Fighter
      • Powers: Increases AoE effectiveness from Atwills, while also adding some additional group utility with Wicked Strike and Battle Fury. Reaping Strike has received several buffs and feat interactions to make it a more attractive option. Note that slight defense buffs from Wicked Strike and Reaping Strike make tanking and chopping swarms of enemies a tad more survivable.
      • Wicked Strike: Now briefly reduces targets outgoing damage by 2% (Stacks 3 times) for 3-5 seconds depending on rank. Damage reduction from hitting multiple targets has been reduced by 4%, resulting in 16% more overall damage against 5 targets.
      • Reaping Strike: Now reduces incoming damage by 8% while charging, damage reduction from hitting multiple targets has been reduced by 3.2%, resulting in 16% more overall damage against multiple targets. In addition, the crawl speed while charging has been increased by 50%.
      • Sure Strike: Reduced damage of final hit and increased damage of hits 1-3. Overall damage is about 2.5% higher. The damage reduction from hitting multiple targets on the final hit has been reduced by 5%, resulting in 10% more damage against multiple targets.
      • Weapon Master Strike: Damage reduction from hitting multiple targets has been reduced by 2%, resulting in 8% more overall damage against 5 targets.
      • Battle Fury: Now also affects your team at 25% of its normal effectiveness.
      • Weapon Master's Strike can no longer be prematurely cancelled to strike faster than intended.
      • Feats: These adjustments generally serve to better flesh out the various paths, as well as add some additional PvE tanking benefits.
        • Unstoppable Recovery: Is now part of the Sentinel Tree.
        • Student of the sword is now part of the Instigator Tree.
        • Reaping Strike no longer silently fails when it is not charged long enough.
        • Executioner’s Style: This was a powerful effect in theory, but in practice it could be difficult to use effectively. This effect has been changed so that now Reaping Strikes grants you .04/.08/1.2/1.6/2% of your max AP per target killed, and also causes Indomitable Battle Strike to deal 2/4/6/8/10% more damage based on the targets missing health.
        • Grudge Style: The extra threat gain now also affects Reaping Strike.
        • Intimidation: Now also makes any affected targets temporarily build 5/10/15/20/25% more threat against you when you attack them with any of your powers. In addition, the base powers now always generate 100% extra threat.
        • Instigator’s Vengeance: This feat was relying on too many outside variables to be useful, so has been simplified and made more self-reliant. It now increases your damage by 12%, but is disabled for 3 seconds whenever you take direct damage. (Dots do not disable it)

      • Feat Deep Gash: This feat now benefits from your strength and other damage bonuses.
      • Feat Deep Gash: Fixed bug causing this to ignore armor and evasions.

    • Guardian Fighter
      • Frontline Surge no longer incorrectly generates extra Action Points if it hits multiple targets.
      • Menacing Impact: Description no longer disappears after ranking it up.
      • Supremacy of Steel: Fixed bug allowing the AoE effect to sometimes be cast multiple times.
      • Aggravating Strike is now considered an at will for the purpose of feats, class features, enchantments and other abilities that trigger or enhance effects.
      • Shield Slam is now considered an at will for the purpose of feats, class features, enchantments and other abilities that trigger or enhance effects.
      • Frontline Surge knockdown effect now better matches the FX that plays.
      • Threatening Rush now provides Action Points when striking a target.

    • Trickster Rogue
      • Courage Breaker: Tooltip now mentions that it increases your Power stat. (10% for 10 seconds)
      • Courage Breaker:
        The duration of the power stat buff has been slightly reduced to match the debuff duration.
      • Impact Shot: Resolved timing and FX issues this power had.
      • Smokebomb now obeys line of sight rules.
      • Stealth meter will no longer stop regenerating when stunned upon entering stealth in rare instances.
      • Feat Swift Footwork: This feat now properly grants the full Stamina regeneration bonus.

    • Enemies and Encounters
      • Battle Wight Commander: This enemy's Soul Reaper power now properly matches its targeting area.
      • Battle Wight Commander: The timing on this enemy's Soul Reaper power has improved.
      • Blacklake District: Fleabottom will now leash if the player attempts to run too far away.
      • Bristle Spider: The range of this enemy's Poison Spray power now properly matches its targeting area.


    • The Ghost companion no longer sometimes tries to possess inanimate objects.
    • Panthers now have an updated walk animation.
    • Panthers will no longer slide when attacking in certain conditions.
    • Acolyte of Kelemvor now only casts Sword of Kelemvor while in combat but will now always do it first.
    • The Cat now adds a small amount of Deflect chance in addition to its fall damage reduction.
    • Ioun Stone of Might now also increases Guardian Fighter block regeneration rate.
    • Ioun Stones now modify player maximum hit points like they do their other stats. This includes hitpoint enhancing slotted items. The tool tip for Eldritch Runestones now refers to ratings instead of stats to exclude max hit points from its bonus.

    Content and Environment

    • Protector's Enclave
      • The Alliances tutorial quest for companions now also mentions the Sword Coast Adventure as well as Active Companion Bonuses.
      • There are now transition cutscenes when using the Moonstone Mask teleporters.
      • Several typos have been corrected in Aralynn the Pious' dialogs.

    • Ebon Downs
      • Throne of Idris: Players must now destroy the Bone Golem to progress through the dungeon.

    • Pirates' Skyhold
      • The Scalefather's heal power now has a longer cooldown.
      • The Scalefather's heal power now heals for less.

    • Mount Hotenow
      • Caverns of Karrundax: Pyraphenia the Firebrand's arena no longer has an unintended safe spot to fight from.

    • Castle Never
      • Ashes of the Past no longer drop in Castle Never.

    • Gauntlgrym
      • Crypt of the Dwarf King: A door has been added partway through the dungeon.
        The party must defeat the encounter near door in order to open it.
      • Fardelver Crypt: Players must now defeat the encounter near the second campfire to activate the respawn point.
      • Fardelver Crypt: A door has been added partway through the dungeon.
        The party must defeat the encounter near door in order to open it.


    • Dungeon Portcullis doors no longer cause an error when used to join rooms.
    • Featured Projects are no longer affected by Foundry XP limits.
    • Several new Room pieces have been added to the authoring tools.
    • An empty Large Cave Room has been added to allow authors to create custom cave rooms.
    • Room with Catwalks no longer generates errors when placing NPCs in certain valid parts of the room.
    • Royal Crypt rooms now properly allow NPC placement anywhere in the room.
    • Royal Crypt rooms now kill anyone who falls into the inescapable pits.

    Performance and Graphics

    • Fixed a client crash when inspecting one party member's companion after another.
    • Due to optimization changes, all players' graphics settings have been reset to default.
      They can still be changed afterward in the video options.
    • 3DVision: Some shadows are no longer in a state where they can only be seen by one eye.
    • Protector's Enclave has received a minor performance update.
    • Blacklake District has received a minor performance update.
    • Tower District has received a minor performance update.

    Items and Economy

    • General
      • Invocation rewards have been updated to grant a 6 day reward with a focus on Campaign progression and a 7 day reward with a chance for Wards that are now Bind to Account.
      • Coal now properly has the "Alchemy" tag, allowing it to be found on the Auction House.
      • Fomorian Concoction now stacks up to 100 (up from 50).
      • Lliira's Favor now stacks up to 100 (up from 99).
      • The Astral Diamond cost of a Feat Respec has been reduced by ~40%.
      • Stats on all quest rewards have been slightly increased.
      • The weapon merchant in Protector's Enclave now sells Hunter Ranger weapons.
      • Trickster Rogue Iliyanbruen Ancestral Helmet no longer removes hair.
      • Waukeen Cloak: This item's tooltip no longer incorrectly claims that it is salvageable.
      • The maximum number of Idle Companion slots purchasable from the Zen Market is now 192, up from 96.
      • Players may now purchase up to 160 bank slots, up from 80.

    • Enchantments
      • Epic Dungeons now include Refinement Stones in the respective boss drop items.
      • Characters that are level 60 before Shadowmantle goes live will receive a special in game mail with a bonus Artifact & Enchantment Booster Pack to help them on their way with the new system.
      • Bark Shield: The description for this enchantment has been updated to accurately reflect its behavior. The player loses a stack of Bark Shield whenever somebody attempts to damage him/her, regardless of whether or not he/she takes HP damage. This is just a tooltip change.
      • Tenebrous Enchantment now properly respects armor, dodging, and damage immunity.
      • Thunderhead: Thunderhead now properly shows its icon when it stuns an enemy.
      • Soulforged Armor: These enchantments have been reworked. When you die you are resurrected, healing you for 20/22.5/25/27.5% of average player health and healed for an additional 10/12.5/15/17.5% of average player health over 3 seconds. This effect may only occur every 90 seconds.

    • Item Sets
      • Beacon of Faith: This set now lists how long the buff lasts in its description.
      • Fabled Iliyanbruen: This set now properly goes on cooldown after 3 uses, rather than each charge cooling down separately.
      • Fatebender Set: Fixed an issue where some encounter powers were not properly removing stacks of Arcane Flux.
      • Focal Magi: This set now properly stacks once per wizard who is wearing the set, rather than once per affected target. The tooltip now correctly describes the behavior.
      • Grand Templar: This set now lists how long the buff lasts in its description.
      • Heroic Duelist's: Fixed bug causing the Heal over time to end when Unstoppable does, but heal value is now based on your Determination level when cast. Reduced Hot to last 8 seconds instead of 10. (Healing improved overall compared to current).
      • High Prophet: This set now has the correct display name on its buff icon.
      • Sacred Hand: This set now has the correct display name on its buff icon.
      • Sinister Shade: The tooltip for this armor set now reads much more clearly. This is only a tooltip change.

    • Professions
      • Leadership now has a chance to drop Refining Stones in the various boxes given as rewards for some tasks for use in Item Refinement.
      • There is now a rare Hunter Ranger dye pack task at rank 7 for Alchemy.
      • Every armor making profession has new tasks to make shirts and pants with a new look and different stats.
      • Leatherworking and Weaponsmithing has been updated with Hunter Ranger weapons and armor.
      • Tasks to create blue-quality feet slot items have been added to several professions.

    User Interface (UI)

    • General
      • Achievement notification window sizes now better fits the text contained in them.
      • Character Creation: Text no longer overflows some Appearance Customization buttons in certain locales.
      • Right clicking on a friend notification now has the option to message them.
      • Changed the default keybinds for artifact to 3, potions to 4-6, and mount to 7. Any existing key binds remain unchanged.
      • Players no longer have a chance of becoming added to an instance that they cannot "de-queue from" for several minutes.
      • The support button will now open in the Arc Overlay when possible for users who are using Arc.
      • In the Change Appearance Window, all dyes held in bags will now display no matter what bag or how many different dyes you have.
      • Social Window Friends List now includes the class icons and levels of friends.
      • Tower Rush and Defender names now correctly display when you complete the action rather than being reversed.
      • Minimap will now properly contain manual waypoints (red flags) so they don’t display outside the minimap.
      • Pressing the ESC key now properly closes the correct order of windows when the Professions window is open.
      • Journal, Lore and Achievement tabs have had slight adjustments to avoid overlapping.
      • Zen Market: There is now an "On Sale" category that automatically displays any items currently on sale.
      • Zen Market: There is no longer a Zen icon on unlockable races in the character creation window as these are not purchasable through the Zen Market.

    • Auction House
      • Auction Broker has had small layout adjustments to be better in line with other stores.
      • There is now a 50 character limit in the search field.
      • There is now a Clear button in the search tab that sets all fields to empty but keeps the category and type selected.
      • The Trade House no longer takes an increased cut when starting an Auction in the field.

    • Campaigns
      • Campaign window will now open to the campaign corresponding to the map you are currently in if you are in a map related to a campaign.
      • Users who do not have access to the stores now have a preview store button instead.
      • Campaigns now have a green checkmark for completed and non-repeatable tasks.

    • Character Window
      • Equipping an item from one of the equipment slot buttons will now properly notify the user if they are equipping an item that is bound.
      • The "Respec Powers" button is now properly labeled "Respec Character," as this respec covers powers, feats, ability points, and paragon path.

    • Companions
      • Pet Inspect and pet detail windows have had updated and unified layout changes.
      • Companion mouse over tooltips have been updated to be more accurate in rare instances such as when viewing them from a store.
      • Double clicking on an active companion will now make it idle.
      • Slotted Runestones may now be right clicked for a context menu.
      • It is now possible to bind a companion to you if your Active Companion Slots are full and you already have a companion of that type.

    • Items and Inventory
      • The Currency Bag now has 60 slots, up from 36.
      • Items that do not bind use much less empty space in the tooltips now.
      • Item set tooltips have received an updated font.
      • Items with usable powers now show cooldowns while in the inventory as well as slotted.

    • Mail
      • There is now better indication of what happened when attempting to send mail to a player with a full inbox.
      • When a player's mailbox is full the HUD button for mail will now turn red.
      • It is now allowed to mail Bind on Account items to your other characters such as the updated Coalescent Wards from the Invocation rewards.

    • Powers
      • Paragon Path powers and feats now have a more distinctive look.
      • Power tooltip sizes are now look the same no matter where they were being moused over from.
      • Powers window now supports right clicking a power to prompt a context menu to quickly slot powers.

    • Professions
      • The XP bars now properly retain their correct locations when moving the window around.
      • Text on the Choose Task button and progress bar now fits properly within the borders in certain locales.


    • Text no longer overlaps in certain Attribute descriptions in certain locales in the character window.
    • Adjusted the position of some buttons and text to better accommodate other languages in many windows.
    • Custom chat channels now better support the use of accented characters.
    • Powers that could sometimes show as untranslated will now more reliably show their translated strings.

    Known Issues

    • The Sun Elf fashion items in the Sharandar collection are not giving credit for the collection at this time.

    Thx for @DNC for the relase, and all other peoples who contributed into this project!

    I cannot give any support for this; if you have questions, check the STO threads, it
    is in 90 % is helpful since this is the same engine and structure; or use the NWO general help thread in Extra mmo help sections....

    OH! And for ingame questions; use the official NWO wiki, it was very helpful to me!
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Why foundry doesn't work, why is this so big while: NWO & STO Source, Data, Tutorial
    source + data is around 2gb only?

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Lots of log files(You can purge them), and lots of stuff like server cache in it... that doubles the size. ect ect, you can check it. (It is a used and fixed version) if you delete databases/logs all dumps ect you will get about the same size...

    If you are resetting it it will be a setback(Account,products and Zen store is will be purged too, i was unable to export the products, so if you reset you have to type all items again from the microtrans files.), so i uploaded like this to everyone can choose to reset and/or keep it as it is. Your choice.

    As for foundry: That is NEVER worked! That is not in the code, never was. Dnc was working on it but they stuck in the developing, so no WORKING foundry yet.

    This: NWO & STO Source, Data, Tutorial
    is not a fixed core. Not secure(Talking home) and just for the record, the resources itself are 50 GB+ sized... :P
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    If not want the attention of cryptic, I much suggest add to host file.

    When your server crash, dump file w/ IP sent to - tracking of leak is perform this way.

    Better solution: block ALL outgoing traffic to
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Quote Originally Posted by binarydust View Post
    If not want the attention of cryptic, I much suggest add to host file.

    When your server crash, dump file w/ IP sent to - tracking of leak is perform this way.

    Better solution: block ALL outgoing traffic to
    @DNC has fixed this, so you do not have to do this anymore, those lines and callbacks are removed from this source, you can check it.(but you can block it if you want, and if you paranoid enough XD)

    Error tracker is Striped from those domains too. It cannot call home. What you wrote is needed only in the other not fixed source on the other thread
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Tell me please what version of the server and client?
    I have found clients of version NW 45.20150902b.14, NW 50.20150902b.14 ...
    It is the first question. Second question: where number of the version registers in the client and the server?
    And question finally, what files are responsible for the translation in game?
    Thanks in advance for answers!

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaushkin Peter
    Tell me please what version of the server and client?
    For Features/Details to client recheck the first thread post, with repack features! There are a LOT VERY LOT more information regarding the client.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaushkin Peter
    I have found clients of version NW 45.20150902b.14, NW 50.20150902b.14 ...
    Second question: where number of the version registers in the client and the server?
    I dont know either becouse you wont be able to use any of the the factory clients(The mentioned ones are absolutely no chance, those are too new...).

    My guessing however regarding the client version is equal or around for Patch NW.10.20131120a.14 It went live December 5th, 2013(my guessing is from nwo wiki with the Dread ring module) and the client is equal or around the Shadowmantle module extension. With no warlock ofc.
    Check wiki, but the original NW.10.20131120a.14 WONT work, only what you are compiling!

    (The source itself says version 1 or 0 it wont work in this terms you want) *Only* the client in this source is compatible with the server itself it... so sorry, no support for original ones the original clients has rely on other resources, and you dont have the source to the originals... it is an unique client/server build, with custom modifications and has been rewired/rewritten so much things, that makes possible to you to run the game itself on lan/wan, so it wont work with any of the original clients, becouse there is no original for this server. This is a unique version just for us. You can check all things in the sources yourself.

    There is so much what we dont know about the source btw, that is why the big doc file with all manual informations.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaushkin Peter
    And question finally, what files are responsible for the translation in game?
    Thanks in advance for answers!
    That is pretty obvious, Night/data/translations for ingame translaton
    and Night/data/ui for the interface, dialogues, menus, ect. for the client.

    NOTE: if you make any modification to the client translation, you have to modify/recompile the client, so rebind, rebin, and repack to make it happen...

    For further informations like/file/locations, ect. check that 4400 page document what is in the package too. OK?

    Also, i made a new repack features list, with pro's and con's read them! It helps to know what is working and what not.
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Quote Originally Posted by binarydust View Post
    Sorry, but what is this "i put this link and a number" behavior? Please express yourself in a normal way, what are you want to say with this picture?! This relase only NW 10.xxxxxxx I dont get it what do you want...

    OR if true what is i suspect about your picture:

    Just you to know: if you want to sell an NWO.60 client/server you are in a wrong place. This community about sharing, not the ripoff the others. So Share it for free, or hit the road if you wont. (Sorry if this not the case. Just telling.)
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    im getting the feeling someone on soke163 is trying to sell this lol....
    its either that or there is another set of files floating around

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    @i have the original files but i cant mirror em cause my upload speed is low,did u put any patch or any change on this,sir?i had a server runin(i think u saw my video) and now ppl is angry cause i dont open it public :P

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    Quote Originally Posted by morbitangel View Post
    im getting the feeling someone on soke163 is trying to sell this lol....
    its either that or there is another set of files floating around 大型奇幻网游《无冬online》(Neverwinter Online)全套源码下载-网游单机-搜客社区-搜客网
    Those pictures differs from this one... i did not seen any links...

    Well, either way, if he has a newer version; and wont share it for free, i have zero intrest, XD :P If there will be here w/o charge i will make a repack too... If he sells this version, well... i cannot do anything, all i can do is change the links...

    Update: I checked it, he is not selling it. AFAIK he is just only referring to this links...

    Quote Originally Posted by xlw00tlx
    i have the original files but i cant mirror em cause my upload speed is low,did u put any patch or any change on this,sir?i had a server runin(i think u saw my video) and now ppl is angry cause i dont open it public :P
    Yes i saw your video. Well, i personally dont recommend to open it publicly, if you are not a glutton for punishment by cryptic... XD I had a server too, that is this exactly what i shared here, i am no longer hosting this server to my friends. I would recommend a torrent, but i dont have the guts to host this in public torrent sites, so... i wont. XD

    What was modified: All i did it was the Chat fix, and a few little fixes (what you can find in the addons.rar like dungeon fix/ and gui fix) and events/queue and pvp files were modified as i mentioned in the main thread features in spoilers. The rest is Dnc's source. Nothing changed apart from theese. It is basicly th same the original was(It has a working Zen Store, however if you want admin you have to delete the DB what will kill the zen store...) but this is the same, and i figured out approx. the original version number... thats all. (This is big becouse a few dump and the unpurged log files...) Oh and you can make cached server files what is loading faster from pigg/hogg files...(but if u modify the server you need to rebuild the cache)) And i collected the most of the fixes/manuals for this one.

    it was stable and 90% bugfree for almost a year, so i shared as i had.
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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    he's selling the files you buy the download location in that thread and he also says its on mega if you translate it.
    its what made me think he might be selling these, maybe its me but when have you ever seen someone on those forums use mega its all baidu normally.
    id buy it just to check if i had the gold to do so on soke

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    @donwloading the patchs and addons for rar,thanks,i ll re setup later i have to fix stuff cause my disk D:(servers) died
    i didnt open any of my servers to public,thats why people rage on my facebook and youtube
    i didnt like this game much its just run and spam clicks and buttons 1-2,pretty dull and linear like all perfect world games(if they add auto walk the game would be 3 times worse,like PWI and Forsaken)
    idk how that greedy company keeps up with shitty games pay to win mmorpgs,the ones that really shine were WOI,swordsman and Rusty hearts and thy were killed
    btw any chance of getting the ORIGINAL neverwinter online of AOL server?or setup a neverwinter 1 or 2 server?

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    Re: Neverwinter Online RE-Relase (Based on DNC'S source)

    @xlw00tlx Nah, i just obtained the pack from dnc, i would love if someone could upload a newer version, oh and btw you can reform the server to make this not to pay - to - win type :D Thats why the source is there... :D so i cannot get anything from anywhere... @morbitangel - > I really don't care, if someone know about this forum they can obtain it for free... i just re-uploaded it, its not me who made all this possible... so... Update:
    Quote Originally Posted by xlw00tlx View Post
    ... its just run and spam clicks and buttons 1-2,pretty dull and linear like all perfect world games(if they add auto walk the game would be 3 times worse,like PWI and Forsaken)...
    @xlw00tlx Well, not for that; but this game is hack and slash, maybe simple but i dont think its a bad game...(The community will kill me for saying this but personally i see more fantasy in this combat system than seen in wow or aion...) true, it gets repetitive, but for lan/coop it is good IMHO... But i have to tell you: it HAS auto-run button you just need to activate it XDXD
    Quote Originally Posted by xlw00tlx View Post
    ... idk how that greedy company keeps up with shitty games pay to win mmorpgs,the ones that really shine were WOI,swordsman and Rusty hearts and...
    Thats my problem too... But you can make a normal game from this: what i currently trying: After every kill +1 +2 Zen points :D... if i manage that, it would be good for local play and no overpower... :D i have to figure out how to add environmental variables to loot tables... :\ My 2 big dream is: 1 - STO with GOOD private server code(optimized/fixed more recent) 2 - City of heroes/villains server...(sad-fully, it is not gonna happen.. only if some miracle happens...)
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