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Hi Ragezone (Happy New Year :) ). I share source code of Dragon Oath 2 (server, client, tools). This is Windows version (untouched).
I can't give credits for original release (didn't remember where i found it) and support.


AVG detects 2 Trojan Horse :
- tinyXmlTestSTL.exe
-AXPPacker.exe (false positive)

Ciao ;)
Thank You.. A quick question regarding 'AXPPacker.exe'. Actually I can extract .axp files using AXPPacker but after making some changes to the extracted files, I want to repack them to .axp again.. Can someone help me ?

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Nevermind sorry for the bother Found a way :D

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I created a .axp file with winrar but AXPPacker is not recognising the file :/ Now I can open the created axp file with winrar but the axp file from game client is not accessible from winrar.. back to square one lol :D can someone help me :D