WarFace Emulator

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    Re: WarFace Emulator

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    need client url or what need version for client. we need info :))

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    Re: [RELEASE] WarFace Emulator

    Quote Originally Posted by settimeout View Post
    Could you provide me the download link for this client?
    Please provide me with the filename and I'll check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerStefan View Post
    Ask gPotato to send it to me then since they can just ask Nexon for my contact details
    Quote Originally Posted by border9008 View Post
    So.. if we contact Gpotato about the "database," our US tr info will be in the private version?

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    We're getting alot of complaints against KillerStefan. I don't think it's because he's incompetent, but rather the members of that section seem to be.

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