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    Re: [Webgame] 问仙ol - Ask fairy Online

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    RaGEZONE Recommends

    Thanks Muphet
    Quote Originally Posted by paoxbr View Post
    found an old link from tuan565,
    link: https://www.fshare.vn/file/MV74ORJ7Z6ME
    pw: forum.tuan565.com


    Tested, Working on Public IP(if using VPS or dedicated remember to use your Internal IPV4 at server-side and client-side use your PUBLIC IP)
    Quote Originally Posted by paoxbr View Post
    https://www.fshare.vn/file/MV74ORJ7Z6ME best version i found atm,

    need to unpack xml files(to translate). read config inside assets,
    Want to ask a question
    This package(tuan565 package) dont have .xml files in it.
    can anybody tell me where xml files gone?

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    Re: [Webgame] 问仙ol - Ask fairy Online

    Quote Originally Posted by Muphet View Post
    normally the way to run this is:
    1. run essamp.exe as administrator
    2. click start apache/mysql server
    3. check localhost:83, website should be up if you didn't messed up until now LOL
    4. if website works, start game server and wait for all cmd prompts to pop up, wait 1-5minutes depending on how fast your machine is. It takes around 30ish seconds on my i7 to boot all the things up.
    5. play the game

    although this release is broken, or at least item.xml file causes ton of problems. I have found different release of that game although it does not have source code (or it was on baidu and i have no idea how to download from there) and you need to use own apache/mysql server such as xamp to run things and it uses plain txt files instead pretty xml like this one here on ragezone. Poke me so i can send you links and stuffz cuz rules.

    anyway i think this game will require ton of work before it's in state of 'playable'
    you dont happen to know how to make a new account do you? Because when i loaded up the game it already had a level 100 character

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    Re: [Webgame] 问仙ol - Ask fairy Online

    I have the fully sourcecode , english client ( most of client in english , just some png need to be translated , system msg,etc all in english )
    So im looking for a team to work on this game .
    You can pm me any time ^^

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